How to unlock the Genshin Impact Slumbering Court Domain in 2.3

The Genshin Impact Slumbering Court Domain is a new Artifact dungeon where you farm the Husk of Opulent Dreams or Ocean-Hued Clam sets. If you find the entrance in Genshin Impact 2.3, that is.

It won’t take you long to unlock the Slumbering Court Domain if you know where to look. But that’s just it: the game doesn’t tell you and the location marker seems to be in the middle of nowhere. If you don’t want to run around the area for quite some time, here’s how to find the Slumbering Court location.

Once you’re there, you can use our team suggestions to start farming the new Artifacts.

Slumbering Court Domain requirements

Genshin Impact Slumbering Court Domain

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The Genshin Impact Slumbering Court Domain is located on Seirai Island, in the southeastern part of the Inazuma region. Of course, you’ll have to unlock this island map before you can get to the Domain. That means Travelers need to have an Adventure Rank of at least 30, and must have completed the ‘Ritou Escape Plan’ quest. The quest will start automatically when you first visit Inazuma.

How to unlock the Slumbering Court Domain

Genshin Impact Slumbering Court Domain

(Image credit: MiHoYo)

However, after going to Seirai Island, many players still seem to have some trouble finding the Slumbering Court Domain location. Here’s a step-by step guide to help you find the fastest way to the entrance (number one in the picture):

  • Fast travel to ‘Fort Hiraumi’, the northernmost Teleport Waypoint.
  • Once there, turn around. You’ll see a large rock formation. The Slumbering Court Domain entrance is below.
  • Walk towards your right. Just a few steps away from you, on your left side, you’ll see some trees and glowing plants. There’s an entrance to the caves behind them. Just walk inside and turn left to find the new Domain.

As you can see in the picture, there are two other hidden openings to this cave area. Number two is through a hole in the ground, and number three is down the cliffs to the south. Of course, you don’t need the other two locations once you’ve unlocked the Domain and gained a fast travel point.

Should you farm Slumbering Court Domain Artifacts?

Genshin Impact Slumbering Court Domain

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There’s no point in clearing Domains if you don’t have any use for the Artifact sets. The Slumbering Court Domain offers two new ones: one for specialized Healers, and one for specialized Defense and Geo characters. These are the stats:

  • Husk of Opulent Dreams. A two-piece set grants an 30% Defense bonus. A four-piece set grants you a Curiosity stack when you hit an enemy with Geo (every 0.3 seconds while on the field) or every three seconds while you’re off-field. This effect stacks up to four times. One Curiosity stack grants a 6% Defense and Geo damage bonus. Go six seconds without gaining Curiosity, and you’ll lose one stack.
  • Ocean-Hued Clam. A two-piece set grants a 15% healing bonus. If the wearer heals a character in the party, a Sea-Dyed Foam will appear and calculate the amount of health recovered. It will explode after three seconds, dealing damage based on 90% of the recovered health. It has a cap of 30.000 HP and can appear once per 3.5 seconds. 

If you don’t have healers and defense-based characters, clearing the Slumbering Court Domain isn’t really worth your time. However, if you often use Sangonomiya Kokomi or Barbara, you should try to get the full set.

As for Husk of Opulent Dreams, you should try to get it if you use Albedo. It can also be great for Noelle and the upcoming characters Itto and Gorou. Remember that while the two-piece set is useful to defense-based Xinyan, the four-piece set is only good for Geo characters.

Best Slumbering Court Domain teams 

Genshin Impact Slumbering Court Domain

(Image credit: MiHoYo)

The Ley Line Disorder in this Domain grants you a 40% Electro damage bonus. Furthermore, Electro-Charge Reactions trigger an additional shockwave (no more than once per three seconds). It’s no surprise that the recommended Elements are Electro and Hydro. 

However, while lower-level players will only face Hydro Slimes and Hilichurls, those of you going for the higher stages will have to defeat some Electro Rifthounds as well. Not only are these hounds pretty tough, but shields don’t work against them. Best to leave your Thoma’s and Zhongli’s at home.

With that in mind, these are some of the best Genshin Impact characters so you can create the best team for the Slumbering Court Domain:

  • Main DPS: Tartaglia, Keqing, Razor
  • Sub DPS: Mona, Fischl
  • Support: Raiden Shogun, Xingqiu
  • Healer: Kokomi, Barbara

Did you find the Slumbering Court Domain yet? Good luck with the Artifact hunt!

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