God of War mod making Atreus playable is a work-in-progress

A new God of War mod will make Areus playable, and let players step into the shoes of Kratos Jr when it’s eventually complete.

The new mod comes from Speclizer (thanks, Eurogamer (opens in new tab)), a modder who we’ve seen doing work on numerous games beforehand. This time though, they’re working on a God of War mod that will let players take on the role of Atreus, as you can see from the lengthy gameplay demonstration shown off just below.

In the video above, we get a pretty good look at how this Atreus mod will function. The smaller hero of God of War fires off arrows at the Stranger in the game’s debut boss fight, and then runs along the opening areas of Sony Santa Monica’s reboot, before coming face to face with the intimidating Brenna Doudi troll.

While this isn’t a finished product just yet from Speclizer, it’s already looking pretty damn impressive. Atreus’s firing animations with the bow in particular are in really good shape, and he’s also got a very lengthy dodge animation where he skids across the ground to evade an incoming attack. Perhaps this mod will be out before God of War Ragnarok is with us later this year. 

As we mentioned previously, Speclizer has a pretty storied history when it comes to tinkering with games. Over the last year or so, for example, they’ve unearthed several hidden elements of The Last of Us 2 via out-of-bounds glitches, including the inner workings of the WLF encampment in Seattle, and revealing that Abby can actually kill Tommy if she’s quick about it. 

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