Godzilla and King Kong may come to Warzone, says Call of Duty leaker

Struggle to hit distant targets in Call of Duty: Warzone? You’ll be pleased to hear your enemies might be getting much bigger.

Tom Henderson, a journalist with a strong track record on Call of Duty leaks, claims that Activision has “bold plans” for Warzone that may extend to battles with famous movie monsters. Both Kong and Godzilla appeared in images that Henderson says he was shown by his sources.

“They were artwork of both King Kong and Godzilla in Call of Duty: Warzone,” he writes. “One image showed King Kong swatting a WW2 plane out of the sky whilst soldiers aimed rifles at him in the distance. The other image showed Godzilla destroying troops below with a bright blue beam.”

Certainly sounds like the kind of thing Kong and his reptilian antagonist would do. But these details are far from confirmed – and it’s worth noting that concept art does not equal implementation.

Infinity Ward and Raven have, however, made attempts at player-vs-boss battles in the past – one event had the whole server shooting at a moving train. And an explosive entrance is expected for Warzone 2.

Moreover, this wouldn’t be the first licensed crossover to make it into COD. Fortnite’s metaverse-y Marvel and Morty characters have triggered a rush of cinematic icons into live service shooters.

Lately, FPS developers at AAA studios have started showing their age with this stuff. First, John McClane and Rambo appeared in Warzone. Then Stallone showed up in Far Cry 6, too – at least in the form of cardboard cutouts, in a mission concerning rival memorabilia hunters. I played through the latter, and it was a perfectly serviceable stealth experience. Lotta ‘80s movie quotes.

Playing in Caldera is one thing, but winning? Here’s our guide to Warzone and the path to victory.

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