Can you sell cars in Gran Turismo 7?

If you’re wondering how to sell cars in Gran Turismo 7, we’ve got all the information you’ll need here. Unfortunately, it’s not great news if you’re looking to make a few extra Credits by offloading a few of your unwanted automobiles. Don’t fret though, as there are plenty of ways you can make money in Gran Turismo 7 and having as many unique cars as possible means you’ll be boosting your Collector Level. Here’s what you need to know about selling cars in Gran Turismo 7.

How to sell cars in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 car collection page

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Unlike previous Gran Turismo games, Gran Turismo 7 unfortunately does not offer players any methods for selling cars to make a few extra credits. You’d think that you’d be able to sell any unwanted cars to the Used Car dealership or auction them off to other players to make a bit of money on the side, but this isn’t the case.

Gran Turismo 7 garage car collection discard page

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So, you can’t sell cars in Gran Turismo 7, but if you need to get rid of a redundant duplicate car, you can do this by heading to the Garage, selecting ‘Change Car’, and then hovering your cursor over the duplicate car and pressing Triangle. This will bring up a small menu of options, one of which is ‘Discard’. Choosing this will permanently remove the car from your Garage, but you won’t spend or earn any Gran Turismo 7 Credits in doing so. If you try to discard a car that you only own one of, the game will give you an error message preventing you from discarding it.

Gran Turismo 7 has a Collector Level XP system that lets you earn points whenever you acquire a new car for your collection. As your collections grows, you’ll unlock new features such as all levels of Tuning Parts, from Club Sports to Extreme. Therefore, you’re encouraged to collect and buy at least one of each of the 424 cars in Gran Turismo 7 to level up.

While you might want to keep your Gran Turismo car Garage tidy with just one of each car, having duplicates can allow you to test tuning setups more easily. You could even have more radically different setups across two of the same cars. If you had a duplicate of one of the starting hot hatches, you could customize one to be a super-fast, straight-line racer, and tune the other to be a rugged, dirt track car for rally stages.

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