One of TVs most popular and long-running shows has its new season delayed indefinitely

Grey’s Anatomy has joined the list of shows and movies delayed amid the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. The hugely popular series, which is about to enter its 20th season, no longer has a release date set.

The medical drama airs on ABC in the US and Disney Plus in the UK, but usually has a pretty strict fall premiere date each year. However, in the network’s list of its upcoming shows this year, Grey’s Anatomy season 20 is notably absent. In its place, the ABC is leaning heavily on its unscripted reality shows that have been mainly unaffected by the strikes.

According to TV Line, it’s expected that most of ABC’s scripted shows (which includes Grey’s Anatomy) will instead launch at the midseason point in 2024, provided there’s been a resolution to the strikes. However, they warn this will likely mean the upcoming seasons will be significantly shorter than their usual 22 episodes. 

Grey’s Anatomy has been one of the most popular shows for the network since it launched back in 2005 and was at times a stalwart of the top-10 highest ratings list in the US. It also holds the record of being ABC’s longest-running scripted primetime show.

As a result, many will likely be disappointed by the news of its delay, but it’s just one of a growing list of projects impacted by the strikes. Dune 2 and Lord Of The Rings: The War Of The Rohirrim are some of the latest movies to be pushed back, meanwhile shows like Silo, The Last of Us season 2 and Stranger Things season 5 have all been put on pause too.

For what is still on the way (for now), here’s your guide to all of the best new TV shows.


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