Halo Infinite Tactical Ops event reportedly coming February 2022

Halo Infinite will apparently launch a “Tactical Ops” event in February next year.

The new information comes courtesy of @iFireMonkey, a prolific Fortnite-related leaker and dataminer, as seen in the tweet below from the past weekend. In the newly-unearthed evidence, the leaker and dataminer claims that a special event will debut in Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer mode early next year in February 2022, offering players brand new cosmetic rewards.

Halo Infinite Ritual Leak | Tactical OpsTest your aim in a high stakes battleFebruary 8th, 2022 – February 21st, 2022The only currently known info is the rewards, capstones and special playlist is currently unknown.Rewards: pic.twitter.com/hp7lEDZjtENovember 27, 2021

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This event, apparently called Tactical Ops, will premiere on February 8, and will hang around for just under two weeks until February 21, when it’ll quietly exit from Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about what the event’s game modes will contain right now, but we can see a display of 10 leaked cosmetic items from the Tactical Ops event.

Halo Infinite offering limited-time cosmetics in a new event shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering Fracture: Tenrai’s recent offerings. The debut event in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode kicked off last week, and will wrap up tomorrow on November 30, but crucially offered some snazzy limited-time rewards, including a new samurai-inspired armor set.

Unfortunately, concerns surrounding Halo Infinite’s multiplayer progression system still abound. Players have been voicing their displeasure recently over the challenge-based XP progression system, saying that Halo Infinite doesn’t actually reward players for their heroic in-game feats. 343 has responded to the concerns by reworking challenges slightly, but has cautioned that more substantial changes will take time to arrive. Here’s hoping there’s some better systems in place by the time Tactical Ops rolls around early next year.

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