Hideo Kojima is reportedly working on the next Silent Hill game

One of the rumoured new Silent Hill games is reportedly in development at Kojima Productions.

Last week, a report stated that “multiple” Silent Hill games were in development, to be revealed next year as part of Konami’s attempt to re-establish itself as a premium game developer. That report stated that one of the new games was being developed by a “prominent” Japanese Studio, which Gematsu claims is Kojima Productions.

That might make sense, as Kojima Productions is certainly a prominent Japanese studio. Kojima himself has previously worked on the franchise as the director of Silent Hills, the planned next installment in the horror series that was cancelled in 2015 in the midst of Kojima’s departure from Konami.

Gematsu has established some legitimacy with leaks in recent years, but its report has been disputed. Xbox Era’s Nick Baker (opens in new tab) stated that Kojima isn’t working on Silent Hill, and is instead working on an “existing IP” with Xbox. Baker also stated that he’d been aware of a Metal Gear Solid remake since May 2020, corroborating another Konami-related report. Another Sony insider, Millie A, also dismissed Gematsu’s report on Twitter (opens in new tab).

While the public falling-out between Kojima and Konami could mean it’s unlikely the developer would want to work with the company in future, his experience with the Silent Hill franchise could prove valuable. As ever with leaks of this nature, take this information with a pinch of salt until we learn more from the parties involved.

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