Hitman 3 July roadmap confirms a free new map

Hitman 3 just got a brand new roadmap for the month of July.

This means that, yes, the lineup of July content has already kicked off in Hitman 3. Just below, you can see the announcement from developer IO Interactive outlining all the new content coming throughout the month, headlined by an entirely free location called Ambrose Island, launching on July 26.

The HITMAN 3 July Roadmap has arrived, better late than never. July in HITMAN 3 is going to be a very exciting month, with a brand new FREE location coming to all HITMAN 3 owners, a sharp-looking unlock, a Game Update and more. https://t.co/owDdSRQzLM pic.twitter.com/kjkrI7XxiAJuly 8, 2022

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With Ambrose Island loosely shaping up to be a pirate-themed adventure on a remote island, there’s a more literal pirate-themed adventure on the cards with July’s Featured Contract. Bootleg and Buccaneers launches on July 21, and drops Agent 47 on an island armed with a cutlass and pirate garb.

Elsewhere, there are two new Elusive Targets to try your hand at. The Revolutionary is live right now for everyone who owns the Hitman 2 Access Pass, and the imposing Food Critic will be live this time next week on July 15, available only for those who own the Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass.

Finally, the free location for July is active for everyone right now through to July 10. This time, Bangkok is going free to play for everyone who owns the base version of Hitman 3, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say this is one of the original Hitman’s best offerings in terms of locations and creative kills. 

This is just the latest in a long line of content for Hitman 3, with the promising Freelancer mode set to launch later this year. If you’re unfamiliar with the delayed add-on, it’s basically a roguelike makeover for Agent 47’s escapades, where you journey from one location to the next with nothing but your bare hands to start out with. It sure sounds like an enticing shake-up for the usual formula.

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