Horizon Forbidden West 1.13 patch still doesn’t quite fix the shimmering issue

Horizon Forbidden West developer Guerrilla has released yet another patch for the game and lets fans know that it is still working on fixing the shimmering issue. 

The Horizon Forbidden West 1.13 patch notes (opens in new tab) were published to the Horizon subreddit earlier today, and like usual, contained a long list of fixed player-reported issues in the game. Along with all the fixes, Guerrilla also likes to let fans know about the issues it is aware of but hasn’t quite managed to fix yet, and this time, it contains the shimmering issue so many players have been experiencing since launch. 

Found in the ‘known issues’ section of the patch notes, Guerrilla has said: “Please note that these issues are not yet fixed in this patch, but our teams are aware of them and they’re being investigated.” Right below this, the first note for this section reads: “The team continues to make tweaks to the game’s content with the goal to reduce visual shimmering.” 

If you weren’t aware, players first started reporting issues with shimmering in the game almost immediately after its release. At the time, Guerrilla suggested a quick fix that had players literally just turning the game off and on again, which for some did seem to fix the problem. Just over a month later though, Guerrilla shared another post to Reddit that recommended for players to change their TV settings as several issues are dependent on the make/brand of TV.

Clearly, the shimmering (as well as other visual issues) aren’t as easy to resolve as the developer originally thought. Still, it’s nice to know that the team at Guerrilla is working hard to fix the issues despite the game launching almost three months ago. You can read a full list of fixes in Horizon Forbidden West from the main quest, side quests, machines, and more via the link above. 

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