Where to find Horizon Forbidden West Greenshine

Horizon Forbidden West Greenshine is a vital upgrading and trading resource. There are slivers, fragments, chunks, clusters and slabs to be found all over the map, sometimes out in the open, sometimes hidden away or needed special pieces of gear to reach. Coming up we’re going to show you all the Horizon Forbidden West Greenshine we’ve found across the entire map. It’s not all of it but there’s nearly 50 locations here and an absolute ton of Greenshine to be hoovered up if you want to upgrade your favorite weapons to top tier, or buy tricky machine parts instead of hunt them. 

How to get more Greenshine in Horizon Fobidden West

horizon Forbidden West Greenshine

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You’ll find Horizon Forbidden West Greenshine throughout your travels more or less at random. It’s a vital resource for upgrading your gear, and can also be traded with merchants for rare or hard to get machine parts (saving you effort of fighting a Thunderjaw for its heart, say). 

It can be found out in the open, on rocks and boulders, nestled in against mountain sides and so on. However, this will only get you so much as a lot of it is hidden and requires special gear or activities to find. 

If you’re trying to find as much as you can, keep an eye out for these things in the world: 

  • Ruins – There are countless Ruins that act as climbing puzzles to retrieve Relics. These often have Greenshine in them that you can find while solving them. 
  • Firegleam – You’ll find these red crystals blocking you way all over the place. You’ll need to complete the story mission Death’s Door to unlock the Firegleam Ignitor. When you do, you can blow this stuff up and there’s often Greenshine to be found behind it. 
  • Metal Flowers – Like Firegleam, the vines from these objects block your way. When you eventually get the Vine Cutter upgrades from the Seeds of the Past story mission you can clear these obstructions and often find Greenshine. 
  • Sunken Caverns – These large underwater bodies require the Diving Mask you get during the Sea of Sands story mission. Without it you won’t be able to hold your breathe long enough to get anywhere. You’ll often find narrow gaps to squeeze through, or loose rocks to pry apart in order to succeed. However, you’ll find a lot of Greenshine if you clear these locations out. 

Generally, as you move from right to left across the map, you’ll find bigger and better rewards. In the opening area you’ll only find Greenshine Slivers and Fragments, but as you move on in the game you start to find Chunks, Clusters and Slabs. 

Horizon Forbidden West Greenshine locations

The Daunt Greenshine

horizon Forbidden West Greenshine

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  1. Greenshine Sliver – Hidden in the rocks by the bridge.
  2. Sunken Cavern Daunt East. 
  3. Greenshine Sliver – On the rock face behind a wooden structure.
  4. Sunken Cavern Daunt West.  
  5. Greenshine Sliver – Found while climbing the tower as part of the mission the Twilight Path.
  6. Greenshine Fragment – Where the water meets the rock face. 
  7. Greenshine Fragment – There’s some loose rocks you can pry open where the water meets the mountain side. 

Plainsong / No Man’s Land Greenshine

Horizon Forbidden West Greenshine

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  1. Greenshine Sliver – There’s some Greenshine at the back of the Rebel camp you can find here. 
  2. Greenshine Sliver – You’ll have to find and solve the Relic Ruin here to get the greenshine. 
  3. Greenshine Fragment – It’s under some machine wreckage by some water. 
  4. Greenshine Sliver – There’s some Firegleam across a wooden gantry and the Greenshine is behind that so you’ll need the Firegleam Igniter to access it. 
  5. Greenshine Fragment – There’s Greenshine hidden in an air vent during the mission where you search for Minerva.
  6. Greenshine Sliver – By machine wreckage near a stream.
  7. Greenshine Fragment – In the room of a submerged building behind some Firegleam so you’ll need the Firegleam Igniter to reach it. 
  8. Greenshine Sliver – Behind some Firegleam, so you’ll need the Firegleam Igniter, near a campsite close to the Cauldron here. 
  9. Greenshine Sliver – Between the pots near the fire.
  10. Greenshine Sliver – Under a small rock bridge arch near the Bristleback site.
  11. Greenshine Sliver – Found in a cavern you visit for a mission called Roots That Bind.
  12. Greenshine Sliver – By a tree near the bridge.
  13. Greenshine Sliver – On a rock just below the Vista tower.
  14. Greenshine Sliver – At the back of the underwater crashed plane. You’ll need the diving mask. 
  15. Greenshine Sliver – You’ll find some Greenshine in the ruin here. 
  16. Sunken Cavern Restless Wield 
  17. Greenshine Sliver – On a crashed plane wing on a peak above the shelter.
  18. Greenshine Fragment – There’s a metal fortification with some Firegleam on it near a drone. The Greenshine is inside once you’ve removed the Firegleam. 
  19. Greenshine Sliver – There’s a waterfall near a Metal Flower here. Climb to its mouth and you’ll find a passage to a area behind it. Keep climbing and heading to the edge of the map until you reach a clearing and can’t go any further. The Greenshine is on a rock. The side quest Promontory will also lead you here. 
  20. Sunken Cavern Downed Gullet

The Shining Wastes / Still Sands Greenshine

horizon Forbidden west greenshine

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  1. Greenshine Chunk x3 / Sunken Cavern – There are three Greenshine chunks here: two by the water and one down the path by a wheelbarrow. The water leads to a sunken cavern you’ll need the diving mask for. 
  2. Greenshine Cluster – You’ll pass this as part of the Sea of Sands mission.
  3. Greenshine Fragment – On top of a small peak. You’ll visit this area at the conclusion of the Signal Spike side quest.
  4. Greenshine Fragment – In the center of the area the Tallneck patrols. 
  5. Sunken Cavern The Gouge
  6. Greenshine Chunk – Near a rock by the plane wreckage where the Thunderjaw patrols. 
  7. Greenshine Fragment – Recessed into the base of a rock arch near some water. You’ll visit here for the side quest The Second Verse. 
  8. Greenshine Chunk – In a canyon you’ll visit as part of the side quest Lofty Ambitions. 
  9. Greenshine Fragment – On the island in the middle of the lake. You’ll also visit this area during the Taste of Victory side quest. 
  10. Greenshine Fragment – On a large rock near a Rockbreaker machine. 
  11. Greenshine Fragment – Behind a Metal Flower in the ruined buildings you can find here, so you’ll need the Vine Cutter power up. 
  12. Greenshine Sliver – There’s a salvage camp here with a campfire. The Greenshine is just in the ground near by. 
  13. Greenshine Fragment – There’s some collapsed buildings here, the Greenshine is tucked in by a group of tall pillars jutting out of the ground.
  14. Greenshine Fragment – There’s an replica Eiffel Tower here. Look for a wrecked cart Aloy will talk about. Scan it with your focus to activate a trail that will lead you to some Greenshine. 
  15. Greenshine Chunk – There’s a Salvage Contract here. The Greenshine is near some trees in a grassy area in the Lancehorn site nearby. 
  16. Greenshine Fragment – There’s a narrow gap in the mountain you can climb into to reach a canyon here. The Greenshine is on the second level you climb up in the canyon itself.  
  17. Greenshine Cluster – There are some loose rocks in the cliff face you can pry open. Use your focus to find the purple loot crate inside to help locate it. 
  18. Greenshine Fragment – On a cliff face, right on the edge of the map
  19. Greenshine Fragment – Look for a small patch of concrete floor surround by small broken pillars. There’s a hatch you can pull up from the post overlooking it to reach the fragment. 
  20. Greenshine Fragment – There’s a large rock formation with a prominent bit jutting out, to the north west of the Thunderjaw site. The Greenshine is under the bit sticking out. 
  21. Greenshine Fragment – In the lower window of a ruined building that’s almost under the sand. 

The Long Coast / Isle of Spires Greenshine

horizon Forbidden west greenshine

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  1. Greenshine Chunk – On the roof of a Ruin you can find here. 
  2. Greenshine Chunk – There’s a mountain top shelter/campfire here with a chunk nearby. 
  3. Greenshine Chunk – There’s a narrow canyon here through the mountains. The chunk is in a small nook above a wooden post with a fire at its base. 
  4. Greenshine Cluster – At the end of the waterway to the right of the cauldron entrance.
  5. Greenshine Slab – There’s some Firegleam here just off the path with the Greenshine behind it. 
  6. Sunken Cavern Sheerside Mountains – there are some tough machines inside so be ready for a fight. 
  7. Greenshine Chunk – There’s a Ruin here. When you solve it you’ll be able to reach the Greenshine on the roof. 
  8. Greenshine Fragment – There’s some Firegleam here with the Greenshine behind it. 
  9. Greenshine Chunk – There’s some Firegleam here with the chunk behind it. 
  10. Greenshine Chunk – There’s a rebel outpost here guarded by a level 42 Fireclaw. The chunk is right in its patrol route but you can sneak in and get it unseen. 
  11. Greenshine Chunk – There’s a Metal Flower here covering the mouth of a collapsed tunnel. You’ll need the Vine Cutter power up to destroy it and the chunk is inside. 
  12. Sunken Cavern The Raintrace
  13. Sunken Cavern Cliffs of the Cry
  14. Greenshine Slab – There’s a skyscraper overlooking the settlement here. The slab is at the back, high up the building, so you’ll need a Sunwing to reach it. 
  15. Greenshine Chunk – There’s a building here covered in vines. Destroy the Metal Flower to reach the chunk inside. 
  16. Greenshine Slab – There’s a circular clearing on the mountain top here where you’ll find a Dreadwing and Glinthawk. The Slab is in the small rock formation in the centre. 

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