House of the Dragon’s new villain the Crabfeeder has a long history with the Targaryens

Warning! This article contains spoilers for House of the Dragon episode 1 and episode 2. If you’re not up to date with the Game of Thrones prequel, step away now.

House of the Dragon so far has focused on the Targaryens’ struggle to solidify a strong line of succession. However, by the end of episode 2, a bigger threat seems to be on the horizon with the introduction of the terrifying Crabfeeder.

The show gives us our first glimpse at a new villain as he nails pirates to the ground in the Stepstones, leaving them there to drown as the tides rise while they’re eaten alive by crabs. It’s a grisly introduction to the new character, who many viewers will be curious to know more about. So just who is the Crabfeeder? And what is his connection to the Targaryens?

Who is the Crabfeeder in House of the Dragon?

Craghas Drahar – or the Crabfeeder – was first mentioned in the opening episode of House of the Dragon. Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint) tried to raise the issue of his domination of the Stepstone islands during the first small council meeting.

The Stepstone islands are a key trade route for Westeros, east of Dorne and west of Essos. They’re monitored by the Triarchy, which is an alliance of three of the Free Cities: Myr, Lys, and Tyrosh. Drahar (Daniel Scott-Smith) is an important part of this group as the Prince Admiral of Myr.

However, problems begin to arise when Drahar takes over the Stepstones to allow the Triarchy easier access to pass goods through without the threat of pirates. This makes for an uneasy alliance with Westeros, as while he is overstepping his territory, it means there are fewer threats blocking the way for trade routes.

The Sea Snake in House of the Dragon

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But, as Corlys points out in episode 1, Drahar has begun to enforce enormously high tolls for those using the route, heavily impacting House Velaryon. The Sea Snake wants to challenge Drahar’s clasp for power, but his complaints are largely ignored by King Viserys (Paddy Considine) who does not want to go to war.

By episode 2, which is set six months later, things are getting worse in the Stepstones. So Corlys seeks a new ally in the wayward Prince Daemon (Matt Smith), which is influenced partly by Viserys’ refusal to marry his daughter. And, while it’s not yet clear how their team-up will play out, the trailer for episode 3 teases an epic battle is brewing.

To make sure you don’t miss a moment of the show, check out our House of the Dragon release schedule.

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