How to buy Nintendo Switch OLED before Christmas

If you’re wondering how to buy Nintendo Switch OLED before Christmas, you’re certainly not alone. Months after release, and with fair warning from Nintendo that chip shortages would lead to reduced availability, the latest Nintendo Switch console is still difficult to find. However, a recent wave of new stock has left us feeling a little more optimistic about scooping up a shiny new handheld before the holidays. 

We’ve seen Best Buy (opens in new tab) and Walmart (opens in new tab) both offering chances to buy Nintendo Switch OLED in the last couple of weeks. You’ll still find the Nintendo Switch OLED in stock at Walmart and in certain Best Buy stores. However, we’d also take a look at Target (opens in new tab), which is also offering same-day delivery and in-store pickup depending on your location. We wouldn’t wait too long to jump on these offers – this model is still selling out particularly quickly whenever it appears. 

Amazon (opens in new tab) also has stock of the Nintendo Switch OLED, but this stock will ship on January 1. GameStop (opens in new tab) has also been restocking regularly over the last few weeks – in the form of individual consoles and Nintendo Switch bundles – so there’s still hope out there for those after the ultimate gift for gamers.

It looks like stock issues are turning around, then, though you might have to do a little hunting to find local stock. We’re showing you where to buy Nintendo Switch OLED before Christmas right here.

Where to buy Nintendo Switch OLED before Christmas

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Walmart (opens in new tab) – in stock now
Walmart still has the Nintendo Switch OLED in stock today, with a range of delivery options and the potential for in-store pickup. This latest stock drop has been holding out well, though we wouldn’t wait too long to secure yours.

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Target (opens in new tab) – in stock now
Target is offering more chances to buy Nintendo Switch OLED consoles in-store and online right now, though you’ll be limited to finding stock at your local store if you’re after same-day delivery or click and collect.

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Best Buy (opens in new tab) – in stock in store
The Nintendo Switch OLED was available to buy online at Best Buy, but right now you can only pick one up in-store. That means you’re not gambling on holiday shipping, but you are limited to your local store’s stock supply.

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Many of these options for buying a Nintendo Switch before Christmas rely on in-store pickup, so your local retailers don’t have any stock or you’d prefer to have your console delivered we’d recommend checking in with Amazon.

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Amazon (opens in new tab) – in stock for January shipping
If you’re not constrained by holiday shipping dates, it’s worth noting that Amazon is also offering the chance to buy Nintendo Switch OLED. While it won’t arrive in time for Christmas, those who don’t want to travel to pick up their console in-store may find more success here.

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How to buy a Nintendo Switch OLED before Christmas

The most reliable way to buy a Nintendo Switch OLED before Christmas is to collect in store. Even though many retailers have the consoles on the shelves right now, there’s always the possibility that delayed holiday shipping times will lead to a longer wait. Target, Walmart, and Best Buy are all offering in-store collection, and if your local store doesn’t have stock today it’s well worth checking again in the mornings leading up to the big day. 

If you’re looking for delivery, your options are a little more limited. You can opt for an easy delivery after Christmas with Amazon, or hedge your bets with one of Target or Walmart’s shipping dates. It’s worth checking in on whether a Walmart Plus (opens in new tab) will secure some extra peace of mind regarding the latter. This membership works much in the same way as Amazon Prime, offering subscribers fast, free delivery on a range of products. The availability of this shipping service on the Nintendo Switch OLED, however, will depend on your location. 

If you’re looking to pair your new console with some extra Nintendo Switch accessories, it’s worth checking out our Nintendo Switch gifts guide. We’re also rounding up plenty of cheap Nintendo Switch controllers and Nintendo Switch SD card deals as well. Thanks to all the latest Christmas sales, there’s plenty of savings up for grabs.

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