Huge Skyrim multiplayer mod is live, but devs say theyre ready to move on

After being in development for several years, the huge Skyrim multiplayer mod is now available to play, but the mod’s developers are already ready to move on. 

Finally launching on July 8, the Skyrim Together Reborn (opens in new tab) mod has amassed more than 85,000 downloads in just three days. Despite the mod’s success though, its developers are reportedly ready to move on and leave the future of the mod in the hands on the Skyrim modding community. 

As explained in a post on the mod’s dedicated subreddit (opens in new tab), the team behind Skyrim Together Reborn is “very tired” after putting “thousands of man hours of work put into the project.” 

This doesn’t mean the future of Skyrim Together Reborn is over before it’s even started though. Due to the mod now being open-source, the team of developers have decided that “it is now up to you, the community, to step up, and further develop Reborn,” the post reads. 

“The current dev team is very tired, and frankly, is simply interested in branching out and doing other projects.” One of the developers writes, “we will still be here to guide new developers, review code, and perhaps occasionally implement features and fixes,” but essentially, now the heavy lifting has been done, it’s up to other modders to further develop and add more to the already impressive Skyrim mod. 

If you didn’t know, the huge Skyrim multiplayer mod has been in development with a group of passionate Skyrim modders for over four years now. That’s understandably a long time to commit to a volunteer-based project. The aim of the mod is to allow players to play Skyrim co-operatively with around 2 – 8 players, but, as explained on Nexus Mods, it has been tested with over 30 players. 

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