Hundreds of hours in, Elden Ring players are only just discovering Melinas secret summon

Some Elden Ring players are only just discovering Melina’s summon for a boss fight after hundreds of hours.

Just earlier today on July 13, the post seen just below cropped up on the Elden Ring subreddit. As you can no doubt tell from the headline, the author of the post has only just stumbled upon summoning in Melina to help them out at the Morgott boss fight in Elden Ring.

And they’re not alone in this new discovery. It turns out plenty of others were also in the dark about recruiting the story-driven NPC to help them out against the towering Morgott for the boss showdown, if you peruse the extensive comments section underneath the original post.

It’s easy to see why your typical Elden Ring player would completely miss Melina as a summon outside Morgott’s boss arena. In order for the summon sign to even appear there in the first place, you have to progress Melina’s entire questline, which involves talking to her at four distinct locations throughout the massive overworld.

If you fail to find even a single one of these conversation points, you’ll fail to progress Melina’s questline, and therefore wipe out the option to summon her in as an ally in this fight. Considering Elden Ring’s gargantuan nature, it really is easy to completely miss out on things that other people took for granted as common knowledge.

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