If a PS5 restock is coming this Black Friday youre best off checking these stores

Many will be watching for a PS5 restock during this year’s Black Friday PS5 deals. While stock has actually been pretty decent on both sides of the Atlantic recently, it still hasn’t been enough to meet demand so we’re holding out hope for more to drop over the course of this week – just in time for the holidays.

In the US, Amazon surprised everyone with a sizeable PS5 restock yesterday so it’s worth checking back regularly, as some orders that are inevitably cancelled can reappear as live stock once again. It’ll be a far smaller level of inventory, of course, but when luck plays as big a part as it does we’ll take any chance we can get. In terms of other likely candidates, Best Buy (opens in new tab) is a little overdue so is worth a check and camp on, and so is GameStop (opens in new tab) who could be holding out for a big splurge having not dropped stock properly in a few weeks now.

In the UK, Game (opens in new tab), Sony Direct, and BT have all had pretty decent stock levels recently so would be worth checking back on for cancelled or reappearing stock. There have also been rumours that the likes of Game, and John Lewis (opens in new tab), and Currys (opens in new tab) will have stock both online and in stores across the imminent sales period to coincide with everyone being in the shopping spirit. Having said that, it’s always worth keeping tabs on Amazon (opens in new tab) too. While the world’s largest online retailer has had limited stock recently,  it’s always unpredictable so could go again ahead of or during Black Friday.

If you do bag your console – or even if you don’t – we’re also tracking other ways to save you money this year like in the upcoming Black Friday PS5 SSD deals, Black Friday PS5 headset deals, Black Friday PS5 TV deals, and Black Friday PS5 monitor deals.

PS5 restocks: last seen at these retailers

How to make the most of a PS5 restock

Which PS5 should you buy?

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PS5 ($499.99) | Check at Amazon (opens in new tab)
If you want the ‘full’ PS5 experience and value flexibility, we’d recommend going for the standard PS5 console. Besides having all the power you’d expect from a next-gen console, it also boasts a 4K disc drive where the Digital Edition doesn’t. That means you’re still free to use all your physical game discs, DVDs, and Blu-rays.

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PS5 Digital Edition ($399.99) | Check at Amazon (opens in new tab)
If you’d rather go disc-less and save some money along the way, the Digital Edition PS5 is the one for you – it’s packing the same powerful tech as the normal PS5, but the lack of a disc drive means it’s slightly cheaper. Just remember, this means that you’ll have to buy everything digitally if you get this version.

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PS5 restocks: our top tips

Only pay the retail price: PS5 consoles cost $499.99 / £449 for the disc model and $399.99 / £359.99 for the Digital Edition. Don’t give in and pay severely over-the-odds to a scalper or other secondary sources far in excess of the MSRP. PS5 restocks are still fairly common, happening at least once or twice a week currently, so perseverance is key above all else if today doesn’t pan out for you. 

Aim for bundles: When retailers do have PS5 restocks available online, more often than not, they are released as both the standalone console and packed-in with some of the best PS5 accessories (such as the best PS5 headset) or best PS5 games. While more expensive, these offers are often less fought over and tend to hang around a little longer than just the system on its own. 

Be prepared: Some online storefronts may launch you into a queue when PS5 restocks are available at their websites. When this happens, it always pays to have your payment information and billing address either to hand, or pre-emptively loaded up with the account you’re signed in with. No one wants to waste an hour of their lives in an attempt at picking up a PS5, only to leave disappointed. 

Check for a PS5 restock today

Make the most out of the 4K capabilities of the PS5 console with the best TV for Xbox Series X and PS5 as well as the best PS5 monitor available right now. 

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