Magneto to spill some mutant tea on the Quiet Council in Immortal X-Men

Update: Marvel Comics has revealed new information about the plot of Immortal X-Men, one of the upcoming flagship titles of the ‘Destiny of X’ X-Men era, in which the entire X-line will be revamped and relaunched.

Immortal X-Men

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While the creative team and concept of Immortal X-Men were previously announced (you can read all about it below), the new teaser establishes that Magneto will be departing the Krakoan leadership of the Quiet Council in the title – and what’s more, he’ll spill his mutant secrets for the rest of Krakoa to see.

Tying into Magneto’s upcoming revelations, the teaser’s art by Lucas Werneck shows the mutant Master of Magnetism not just removing, but destroying his trademark psychic-shielding helmet while standing in between Xavier and Destiny – the leaders of the two factions that have been forming on Krakoa in the current Inferno limited series.

Immortal X-Men

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The larger text on the teaser reads “To be continued, forever,” while the smaller, semi-hidden text in the teaser names the four seasonal ‘courts’ of the Quiet Council – Summer, Autumn, Spring, Winter – and says “The Quiet Council. Silence broken. M.”

Whatever this ultimately means, for now, we can guess that Magneto will be revealing all he knows about Moira X to his fellow mutants – for better or worse.

Immortal X-Men #1 goes on sale on March 30. Stay tuned to Newsarama for Marvel’s full March 2022 solicitations, coming later this month.

Original story follows…

Hot on the heels of revealing the slate of titles planned for the X-Men line’s upcoming post-Inferno ‘Destiny of X’ era, Marvel Comics is now offering up further details of one of the line’s new flagship ongoing series, Immortal X-Men, starring Professor X, Emma Frost, Destiny, Mystique, Storm, Nightcrawler, Kate Pryde, Colossus, Sebastian Shaw, Exodus, and Mister Sinister.

Writer Kieron Gillen, who makes his return to the X-Men with the new title, describes Immortal X-Men as the “New Avengers to [writer Gerry Duggan]’s Avengers,” meaning Gillen’s Immortal X-Men and Duggan’s core, adjectiveless X-Men title form two perspectives of the same story in a similar vein to Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers titles, which focused on different aspects of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Gillen is no stranger to the X-Men franchise, with a run on the previous flagship title Uncanny X-Men (opens in new tab) under his belt, along with runs on other X-franchise titles such as Generation Hope (opens in new tab).

Gillen is joined on Immortal X-Men by Trial of Magneto (opens in new tab) artist Lucas Werneck for a story that Marvel calls “an ambitious series unlike anything that’s come before in X-Men history.” 

Though that’s a lofty proclamation, Immortal X-Men could indeed reach stakes that high, as it will primarily focus on the members of the Quiet Council as they each attempt to pull the mutant nation of Krakoa in line with their own vision.

Immortal X-Men #1

Immortal X-Men #1 (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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“This is the book about Krakoa, and the Quiet council, with all its muffled screams. It’s about a group of people, some of whom are convinced they’re in the West Wing, some who have designs to be in House of Cards, and at least one who knows they’re in Veep,” Gillen states in the announcement. 

“It’s big ideas, politics, fights and fashion, lies, creation and destruction, all told across the widest possible canvas, in time and space.”

Interestingly, the art from Wernick included in the teaser shows the same Quiet Council that exists in the current Inferno limited series, implying that despite the huge political conflicts between the duos Xavier and Magneto and Destiny and Mystique brewing in that story, the leadership of Krakoa may find a way to work together once all is said and done.

Immortal X-Men #1 debuts March 30. Stay tuned to Newsarama for Marvel’s full March 2022 solicitations, coming later this month.

Immortal X-Men is just one of several new Marvel mutant titles you’ll need to keep track of on our list of all new X-Men comics, graphic novels, collections arriving in 2021 and 2022.

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