In Pokemon Legends Arceus, Porygon has Professor Laventon suitably stumped

The Pokemon Legends: Arceus version of Porygon has some pretty mind-blowing facts in the Pokedex. 

As pointed out in the Pokemon subreddit (opens in new tab), Porygon’s Pokedex entries in Pokemon Legends: Arceus reveal some surprising facts about the geometric Pokemon and really put into perspective how far back in time the Hisui region is. 

According to Professor Laventon, Porygon has “no discernible heartbeat and does not seem to draw breath, and yet it appears to function without issue.” As for Porygon’s evolutions, Porygon2 and Porygon-Z, Professor Laventon explains how both of these Pokemon evolved in a peculiar way. 

the_porygon_line_has_some_interesting_pok%C3%A9dex from r/pokemon

If you’re well-versed with all things Pokemon, you’ll already be well aware of why Professor Laventon is stumped by this extremely strange Pokemon. If you’re just as lost as Laventon though, let us explain. 

Unlike other Pokemon, Porygon was artificially created – its first Pokedex entry stated it was made of computer data. This means that its evolutions also don’t appear naturally and are only able to evolve when they are traded whilst holding an Upgrade – an item that looks like a tiny disc drive that Pokemon can hold onto. In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Porygons can be evolved using a Dubious Disc instead.

Considering Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set in an era inspired by feudal Japan, it’s not a surprise that Professor Laventon was confused considering Porygon was made by a group of scientists and a computer. In other words, it’s kind of mind-blowing that the artificial Pokemon made it into the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pokedex and brings into question whether the scientists who created it took data from the original Legends Arceus Pokedex several years later. 

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