Inscryption clock puzzle solution and how to open the cabin clock

Solving the Inscryption clock puzzle in the cabin is yet another step towards freedom. If you don’t find the solution though, you might be stuck in this tiny dark room until the end of time. Hope you don’t mind the staring eyes…

But don’t despair just yet; we’ve got the full cuckoo clock puzzle walkthrough below. If you need some help finding the clock puzzle solution, you should simply follow the steps in this Inscryption clock puzzle guide and you’ll be fine. Just kill the Caged Wolf, take out your eye, and you’re almost there. And, if you need help with the Inscryption sliding puzzle, we can help you there too. 

The first cabin clock puzzle solution

Inscryption clock puzzle solution

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As you may have noticed, you can interact with the cuckoo clock inside the cabin pretty early on in the game. Although the may not be able to open the lower doors yet (this requires more steps), you can probably open the ones at the top. The only thing you need to do, is set the time to 11:00. 

Push the three buttons near the top (biggest button moves the biggest hand) to move the hands into the right position. The smallest hand should point to eleven, and the other two must point to twelve. Doing this will award you with the golden ring, which will become relevant to the story later on.

How to destroy the Caged Wolf in Inscryption

Inscryption clock puzzle solution

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Before you can solve the clock puzzle in the cabin, you need to take a few other steps. First, you must destroy the Caged Wolf card. You can do this by either sacrificing it (at an altar, see the next icon in the picture), or playing it on the battlefield (and allowing it to be killed). 

If you don’t have the Caged Wolf yet, you should complete the cabin sliding puzzle first. You will get it as a reward. 

How to get the Inscryption squirrel knife

Inscryption clock puzzle solution

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Leave the map as soon as you’re able, and go to the wolf statue right of the monster (left of the small cabinet with the previous sliding puzzles). Pick it up and place it next to the wooden squirrel statue left of the front door.

The squirrel will let go of the knife. This is all you must do in the cabin for now. Time to return for another game of cards!

How to get the ancestral vision eyeball in Inscryption

Inscryption clock puzzle solution

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The knife is now a usable item during combat. Try to use it against the Leshy the first opportunity you got; you will take your own eye out (well, it’s a horror game after all) which will count as four weights. Hopefully this will allow you to secure an easy win.

The Leshy will then present you with a box full of eyeballs. Choose the strange-looking one in the upper left corner (see picture). It will grant you ancestral vision.

The final cabin cuckoo clock puzzle solution

Inscryption clock puzzle solution

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Finally, we’re ready to go back to the clock puzzle for part two. Thanks to the ancestral vision, you’ll be able to see the clock puzzle solution: turn the hands until they fit the bright blue shapes.

The largest hand points to one, the second largest points to five, and the smallest points to four (see picture). You may now collect your third talking animal; the Stunted Wolf. You will also find another very important item here: a small roll of film. If you wish to escape the cabin, you’re going to need it later on.

You successfully completed the clock puzzle in the cabin, congratulations! Guess it’s time to return to another game of cards…

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