Inscryption sliding puzzle answers to solve the first cabin puzzle

The Inscryption sliding puzzle is the first cabin puzzle in act one (the dark room). However, it can be hard to find it, and even harder to solve. After you get the code to the safe and collect the key, you need to find the solution to no less than four sliding puzzles.

It’s important to solve them all though, as you need the rewards to get stronger and ultimately escape from the dark cabin. If you’re looking for a bit of help, here’s every Inscryption sliding puzzle solution! We can also help you with the Inscryption clock puzzle as well if you’re having trouble there. 

How to start the sliding puzzle in Inscryption

inscryption sliding puzzle

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You won’t be able to access the sliding puzzle right away, as it’s hidden in a locked cabinet. The first step to obtaining the key is reading the card book. If you stand up from the card table and face Leshy (the monster), the book is on your left. Keep turning pages until you see the ‘Mighty Leap’ card description, which contains some numbers written in red. 

This number, 2-7-3, is the code to the safe on the other side of the cabin. You’ll find the key to the sliding puzzle inside, as well as a new card for your deck: the Stinkbug (you didn’t think the Stoat would be the only talking animal, did you?). 

Turn to your left to find the locked cabinet (no need to try the front door, this isn’t your shortcut to freedom yet). Use the key to start the cabin sliding puzzle in act one of Inscryption.

How to solve the Inscryption sliding puzzles

inscryption sliding puzzle

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The Inscryption sliding puzzle presents you with a board similar to the one used in the card games against Leshy. As the scale on the left side indicates, you need to win the game with a difference of five points. Click on the upper half of each tile to move it up, or on the lower half to move it down. You can check the number of points you gained whenever you want; just click the bell icon.

Note that the tiles (cards) may have special abilities such as ‘airborne’, or ‘loose tail’. We’ll explain these effects in the individual sliding puzzle solutions, but you can also look them up in the book inside the cabin if you want to try it for yourself first.

If you want to solve the sliding puzzles quickly, you can just copy the solutions as shown in each picture below.

Inscryption sliding puzzle solution 1

inscryption sliding puzzle

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The first sliding puzzle solution is quite simple: move all the pieces to your attack row (third row from the top) as shown in the picture, and you’re done. There aren’t any opposing cards or special effect cards yet, so the damage dealt by these cards will simply add up to five. 

You can now open the drawer and collect the Skink Card as a reward.

Inscryption sliding puzzle solution 2

inscryption sliding puzzle

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Inscryption sliding puzzle solution 2 is a lot harder. It contains a tile with the airborne effect (bypassing opposing cards and hitting the enemy directly), a tile with an airborne block effect, and cards with the ‘loose tail’ effect. The latter will leave a lizard’s tail behind when it’s hit, while the card moves to the right. 

Start by moving the two tiles in the first column all the way down, so you get the airborne blocker on your side. The ordinary tile in the second column goes down too, but the strong attack card in the third column, as well as the lizard card in the fourth, should stay in the attack row. 

Grab two more cards, the Worker Ant and the Ant Queen, from the drawer. If you step back, two more sliding puzzles will appear on the cabinet. And guess what? That means more cards!

Inscryption sliding puzzle solution 3

inscryption sliding puzzle

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More lizards, airborne cards, and some new ant cards. The ant’s attack power is equal to the number of ant cards played on their side, so this may add up quickly. 

It’s therefore not surprising that you need those ants on your side, and preferably in the attack row. Watch out for the airborne-blocking card in the third column.

Do not forget your new Caged Wolf card!

Inscryption sliding puzzle solution 4

inscryption sliding puzzle

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Two more effects come into play here. The first is the quill sign, which deals one damage point to anyone who hits it. The second is the bifurcated strike, which hits to the left and right (the one with the arrows). 

The bifurcated strike cards in the middle columns should be positioned on the attack row. Get the normal damage card on the right to the attack row as well, and move the quill sign card on the left towards the second highest row.

As the final reward of the cabin sliding puzzle, you’ll receive the wooden squirrel head.

This is all you can do in the cabin for now. Just return to the card game and continue your fight against Leshy!

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