Dead by Daylight dating sim spotted in trademark application

It looks like a Dead by Daylight dating simulator may be on the way, as a recently uncovered trademark application indicates the developers are getting ready to make good on a jokey survey request.

Reddit user LongJonSiIver shared a screenshot of the trademark application on the Dead by Daylight leaks subforum (opens in new tab), and you can pull up the original on the official US Patent and Trademark Office’s database (opens in new tab). The full title of the trademark application is “Hooked On You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Simulator,” and if that doesn’t spell out what Behaviour Interactive is angling for clearly enough, the description stipulates that it is in fact for a video game, as well as perhaps for associated comic books and graphic novels.

It may sound like a patently absurd direction for the Dead by Daylight series to take next, given its origins as a 4v1 online multiplayer horror game where killers sacrifice their victims by spearing them on hooks. However, we can’t say it wasn’t telegraphed. A survey issued to players last year asked what sorts of genres and themes they’d be interested in seeing Dead by Daylight expand to next, and one of the options was for a dating simulator. So if you picked that as a joke – or for real, no judgment here – you probably helped make this apparent new project happen.

It wouldn’t even be the first horny-for-horror dating sim to come out in 2022, since we’ve already started going steady with eldritch gods in Sucker for Love.

She probably won’t appear in Hooked On You, unless Behaviour’s really going all out for licensing, but new Dead by Daylight killer Sadako is already scaring the living daylights out of play testers.

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