Kingdom: The Blood looks like a Korean horror spin on Ghost of Tsushima

Upcoming action-RPG Kingdom: The Blood is a bloody action-packed game that bears a resemblance to Ghost of Tsushima.

Developed by Action Square but standing entirely separately from the Korean Netflix series Kingdom (which made our shows to watch after Squid Game and All of Us Are Dead list, by the way), Kingdom: The Blood is an upcoming zombie hack and slash that sees players being transported to 16th century Korea during a zombie apocalypse. 

With stunning 3D visuals, and enough blood and guts to make any horror fan happy, Kingdom: The Blood faithfully continues the series’ story, which sees an ancient kingdom fight to survive a zombie virus outbreak during the Joseon period. By the looks of the new trailer (opens in new tab), players will have to use a variety of melee attacks to fight their way through enemies and zombies alike. 

According to a press release, Kingdom: The Blood will have a number of game modes including a Story Mode, which follows the Kingdom series, and Conquest Mode, which gives players a sequence of five-minute battles, multi-boss battles, and PvP combat. 

Despite all the decapitation and impaling though, it seems as though Kingdom: The Blood will also be a beautiful game. According to a press release, players will get to explore various stunning sceneries located throughout Korea as well as the zombie-infested city of Hanyang, which is where most of the action of the series takes place. 

The game is also set to have character creation and customization as well as a range of diverse costume options that incorporate traditional Korean clothing such as the Hanbok. Developer Action Square has also revealed that it utilized a professional Korean sword dancer for motion capture in the game to “perfectly replicate deadly Korean-style combat.” 

Kingdom: The Blood hasn’t got a release date yet, but when it does launch it’ll be available to play on PC and mobile. 

Need something else to play while we wait for Kingdom: The Blood? Take a look at our list of the best zombie games for inspiration. 

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