Kirby and the Forgotten Land revealed and its an all-new odyssey

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a new game setting the pink puffball loose in new 3D perspective, and it’s coming to Switch in spring 2022.

While it had a bit of a leak earlier today, the slight spoiled surprise still couldn’t prepare us for the cuteness of the full trailer that debuted in the Nintendo Direct presentation: starting off with views of a deserted, desolate city – the closest thing a Kirby game has ever gotten to anything you’d call post-apocalyptic – then shows our squishy hero washed up on a beach.

While previous Kirby games have largely unfolded from a sidescrolling perspective, Kirby and the Forgotten Land pulls back the camera for 3D action in the same vein as Super Mario Odyssey. We see Kirby exploring the deserted city, evading adorable enemies, and we even get a sampling of some new and returning abilities Kirby will be able to absorb from devoured foes – including good old Sword Knight, who grants Kirby a distinctly Link-like kit.

It looks like Kirby’s new adventure will take him to unique parts of the city, including a zoo or park which its giant gorilla inhabitant is none too eager to share with tourists. Even extremely cute, unbelievably round ones.

As Nintendo revealed at the end of the trailer, Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s release window is currently set for spring 2022 – which isn’t terribly far off, considering Kirby hasn’t gotten an all-new game since Star Allies in 2018.

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