The Last of Us series set leak shows Joel, Ellie, and Tommy in one of the game’s major locations

A leaked video from the set of The Last of Us series has given us a first look at Joel (Pedro Pascal), Ellie (Bella Ramsey), and Tommy (Gabriel Luna) walking through the icy streets of Jackson, a major location from the games.

Thanks to user Astromo038 (and signal boosted by The Last of Us Updates on Twitter (opens in new tab)), we’ve managed to catch a glimpse of the Miller brothers together for the first time, as well as the fledgling Jackson community.

#TheLastofUs filming today in Canmore.🎥 Astromo038 18, 2021

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Curiously enough, this set video also hints at a significant deviation from the original 2013 Naughty Dog classic. There, Joel and Ellie stopped off at a dam to meet Tommy en route to Salt Lake City. Now, it appears that Jackson’s presence – a major factor in The Last of Us Part 2 – will be parachuted into the retelling of that story.

This is also another notch in the category of Reasons Not to Worry About The Last of Us Series. Luna looks pitch perfect as Tommy, while Pedro Pascal carries himself with all the emotional weight that Joel radiates throughout the games. 

Look a little closer and you can also see he’s limping. In terms of story chronology, this could come during the winter-set scenes as the lead makes his slow recovery from a nasty fall.

No release date yet for the HBO series, though we’re holding out hope for 2022. After all, one director has seemingly given the game away by posting that exact release window to their social media profile. Oops.

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