Life is Strange: True Colors has a reference to one of The Simpsons best ever jokes

Life is Strange: True Colors has a reference to none other than Springfield’s very own Hans Moleman.

Just below, you can check out a screenshot of Life is Strange: True Colors from our very own Heather Wald. The screenshot in question poses as a reference to one of The Simpsons’ very best gags ever: Hans Moleman quietly whispering that he was actually saying “Boo Urns” as Mr. Burns and Smithers get booed out of Springfield Town Hall.

Still very much appreciate this Simpsons reference in Life is Strange: True Colors 17, 2021

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If you missed this brilliant reference, it actually comes about near the beginning of Life is Strange: True Colors. In Chapter One, when protagonist Alex Chen takes on some bar work, you’ll befriend Steph, resident of Haven Springs. Steph challenges Alex to a jukebox game, wherein the player has to guess which song Steph has picked by asking questions about the cover art, band name, or song title.

One of the bands is named “I Was Saying Boo Urns!” We salute developer Deck Nine for this loving tribute to Hans Moleman, one of the best characters to ever appear in The Simpsons. Now, please enjoy the selection of the greatest hits of Hans Moleman just below.

Life is Strange: True Colors sounds like an absolute hit, if our complete review from Heather is anything to go by (and not just because of the Hans Moleman reference). To see why we rewarded Deck Nine’s narrative adventure with an astounding 4.5/5, head over to our full Life is Strange: True Colors review for more.

There’s even a great Life is Strange: True Colors lo-fi remix on YouTube to while away your working hours with.

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