Netflix releases trailer for the final season of Locke & Key – as key character returns

Netflix has shared the first teaser trailer for the final season of Locke & Key. Season 3 is set to launch on the streaming platform on August 10 – and it seems like there will be some big surprises in store.

The first trailer for season 3 sees the Locke family back once again to tackle their latest threat. In the teaser clip, we see them all in action as Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (Emilia Jones), Bode (Jackson Robert Scott), Nina (Darby Stanchfield), and Duncan (Aaron Ashmore) return.

“Our past is always with us,” Tyler begins in a voiceover. “You can try and run away but it’s always there.” The trailer then cuts to the family using a key in the Timeshift Clock.

There are also some glimpses at the revolutionary war soldiers who will be back again causing trouble for the Lockes. Chief among them is Kevin Durand returning as Frederick Gideon who remains one of the show’s biggest antagonists.

We also see the Locke family in action against them as they attempt to reclaim their house once again. And it looks like it will be a dramatic final season if the trailer is anything to go by with a tumbling car, someone falling from a window, and a violent axe-throwing stand-off all teased.

However, the biggest reveal comes at the end when Dodge makes an unexpected return. Laysla De Oliveira’s character appears in the final few seconds of the clip looking spooky as she says: “Boo.”

There’s no indication yet of how she will be making a comeback as the character was seemingly killed off at the end of season 2. The major antagonist was destroyed by Tyler with the Alpha Key in the final confrontations with the Lockes – so we’ll just have to wait and see how she survived this.

Locke and Key season 3 is released on Netflix on August 10. In the meantime, check out our guide to the best Netflix shows available to stream now.

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