Looks like Death Stranding is coming to Xbox Game Pass on PC

Xbox Game Pass users think Death Stranding is heading to the PC side of the subscription service.

The speculation has been building for a few days, though the PC Game Pass Twitter account (opens in new tab) kicked things into overdrive when it changed its profile picture to depict a derelict wasteland awash with rain. Death Stranding fans immediately likened the tiny image to a part of the game’s weathered in-game map. As the Twitter account below notes, the PC Game Pass Twitter account has again changed its profile picture to a similar image.

Update: the PC Game Pass Twitter account has changed its profile pic again pic.twitter.com/sb9OI6I4QCAugust 18, 2022

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Those two images sure do look like Death Stranding’s beaten and battered depiction of America. You know, the one rife with ghost babies and humans ready to drag protagonist Sam Porter Bridges down to the afterlife so he can then be reborn and emerge brand new on the other side? Yeah, it’s a lot.

For those who don’t know, the rain is a central theme of Death Stranding. In this post-apocalyptic America, any structure or person hit by rain travels forward in time, having their lifespan basically stolen. This leads buildings to rapidly decay and crumble, and human beings to age at an incredibly rapid pace.

A game made by a studio in agreement with PlayStation, developed on a PlayStation-owned game engine, coming to Xbox Game Pass? It’s not that unthinkable. After all, the Sony San Diego-developed MLB The Show franchise made history last year by becoming the first PlayStation-made game on Xbox consoles, even launching through Xbox Game Pass on Xbox consoles.

Now, that’s not saying Death Stranding is coming to Xbox consoles. After all, it’s only the PC Game Pass Twitter account that appears to be teasing the new game, and not the base Xbox Game Pass Twitter account aimed at consoles. PlayStation-developed games coming to PC would be nothing new, after all, with the likes of God of War and now Spider-Man in the rear-view mirror. 

Meanwhile, we’re yet to hear anything about Death Stranding 2, which actor Norman Reedus appeared to accidentally confirm earlier this year. 

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