Lost Ark is getting a new roadmap “later this week”

The Lost Ark Roadmap will be revealed later this week.

When it launched earlier this year in February, Lost Ark’s developers hadn’t outlined a full roadmap for players to look ahead to. Since then, though, we’ve got a few smaller ones to show what’s coming up. 

Community manager Rox confirms on the game’s forums (opens in new tab) that the next roadmap will arrive “later this week”. The devs are keeping their cards close to their chest as to what will actually be revealed, but we do know (opens in new tab) that it’ll cover us for two months and will include the “next classes, some pieces of content, and more”. 

Rox adds that the team is currently in Korea with developer Smilegate RPG, so plans are being bashed out. The initial idea was to reveal the roadmap before June, though we’ve missed that mark. Still, the developer seems more confident about sharing something this week.

It’s worth remembering the team behind Lost Ark have had a fair few fires to put out since launched earlier this year, with the Tytalos Raid being one such example, where players were blocked from progressing correctly, and the dev team had to rapidly work on a hotfix to remedy the issue. Elsewhere, developers have also been fighting off bots and illegitimate accounts ever since the game first launched.

Check out our Lost Ark Morai Ruins guide if you’re keen to see everything the elite activity has to offer.

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