Madden 23’s big new feature is called FieldSense

EA has announced the first set of Madden NFL 23 gameplay details, and this year’s Gridiron sim is heavily based on a new mechanic called FieldSense.

Developed in response to feedback from fans, the new gameplay system introduces four specific elements to Madden 23. Quarterback play introduces  an accuracy reticule and passing meter, while wide receiver vs defensive back face-offs add fresh press mechanics and animations as both tussle to get off the line. According to EA, 360-degree cuts offer extra control to running backs, while the option to ‘Hit Everything’ on defense triggers more turnovers and multi-player pile-ups.

If that summary feels a little breathless,  rest assured we have more on all of the above in our comprehensive Madden 23 preview. 

John Madden himself will appear on this year’s cover, and his passing in December inspired the team to revisit the fundamentals that inspired the very first game back in 1988. “Coach stands for authentic eleven-vs-eleven football,” says senior producer Mike Mahar. “That caused us to go back and look at what inspired him, and EA, to partner originally. A lot of those principles are manifested in the FieldSense feature, and gameplay changes we made.”

Madden 23

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Bolstering the on-field action are reworked playbooks. In real life teams have a wealth of tactics and plays at their disposal, but tend to narrow their approach down to suit their specific opponent on any given Sunday. (Or Monday. Or Thursday.) Madden 23 attempts to emulate that, with EA stating that “each team’s playbook will be focused on the plays they are most likely to run IRL, making each team’s unique style more authentic”.

Also promised are improved visuals such as 4K touchdown cameras, and fresh franchise mode elements. “A simplified user interface, goals, and increased scouting decision-making [combine to] create a stronger understanding of how to build a successful franchise,” says EA.

There’s no word on Ultimate Team changes just yet, but expect those well before the Madden 23 release date of August 19, 2022.

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