Maid of Skers successor is a co-op survival horror called Sker Ritual

The Quiet Ones from first-person horror, Maid of Sker, are back – only this time they’re not terrifying us in a creepy stealth horror but will instead be tracking us down in a four-player co-operative survival horror called Sker Ritual.

Maid of Sker (pronounced “scare” in English) was released back in the summer (or Q3, if you’re in the southern hemisphere). The Welsh-flavoured horror yarn – developed by Wales Interactive – was inspired by the haunting Welsh folklore tale of Elisabeth Williams and takes place in the Sker Hotel in 1898. You play as Thomas Evans, a “musician who is thrust into a terrifying battle to save the woman he loves”.

This follow-up, then, is a bit of a surprise, not least because we’ve just missed the Halloween window and it is very different from its atmospheric and creepy predecessor. Here’s a brief glimpse of Sker Ritual in action, with an emphasis on “brief”; at 15 seconds in length, this teaser doesn’t give away much:

“The FPS co-op action horror and spiritual successor to the award-winning occult horror, Maid of Sker. Play solo or up to 4 players to survive the onslaught and supernatural menace of the Quiet Ones,” explains the succinct video description. 

Sker Island has changed.Bring your friends.#SkerRitualWishlist: 12, 2021

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As yet there’s no definitive date, but the game’s Steam page states we’ll be getting Sker-ed again in Q2 2022. The game is set to release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Didn’t play Maid of Sker when it was released earlier this year? (opens in new tab) Though its hide-and-seek gameplay could be a tad frustrating at times, it was a decent horror experience steeped in Welsh folklore. 

“Maid of Sker is a first-person survival horror, set in a remote hotel with a gory and macabre history from British folklore. Armed with only a defensive sound device, you’ll utilize stealth tactics to avoid death amongst a cult of sound-based AI enemies,” teases the game’s description. 

“Expect a story of forbidden love within a family empire driven by torture, slavery, piracy, and a supernatural mystery that suffocates the grounds of Sker House,” the developer added at the time.

Horror is not just for Halloween, you know. Here are our tips for the very best horror games (opens in new tab).

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