Marvel stealth-launches new Fantastic Four comic

Marvel Comics has stealth-launched a new Fantastic Four limited series as part of its Infinity Comics line. Simply titled ‘Fantastic Four’ (and not to be confused with the ongoing series also called ‘Fantastic Four’), this four-part digital-exclusive series follows the two married couples of the family – Reed and Sue Richards, along with Ben and Alicia Grimm –  as they take an interdimensional jaunt for a family night at an alien restaurant – only to realize midway through their meal that the place is being robbed, and the FF are among the hostages.

Fantastic Four

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“Weird Marvel has always been my favorite,” says writer Zac Gorman in the announcement. “When most kids were into Wolverine, I was digging through long boxes for Speedball and Man-Thing comics. Fantastic Four always felt like the borderline for that. They’re the weird comic that went mainstream… that’s what I love about them. Well, that and the fact that they’re stuck with each other. They’re just a big weird family and who doesn’t relate to that?”

The creative ‘family’ for this Fantastic Four Infinite Comics series is Gorman, artist Stefano Landini, colorist Ian Herring, letterer Joe Sabino, and editor Alanna Smith (the letterer has not been named).

“I have dreamed since I was a kid that I would draw the Fantastic Four one day,” says Landini. “When I was asked to do it in this new format it was absolutely amazing. A fantastic dream come true.”

Fantastic Four #1 (of 4) is available now on the Marvel Unlimited service, with the remaining three issues scheduled to be published weekly – so November 16, November 23, and ending on November 30.

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