Men of War 2 is delivering a full sequel after 13 years

Men of War 2 is the sequel some of us have been waiting 13 years for, with 1C Entertainment delivering a brand new entry in the Men of War series that is the first fully-fledged sequel to the original game. 

In development from the original team at Best Way, Men of War 2 aims to launch at some point in 2022 exclusively on PC. 

This WW2 RTS will deliver a cinematic single-player experience that delivers two campaigns to tell the stories of the Allies and the Soviets as they each fight the Third Reich during World War 2. Playable solo or in co-op, you’ll experience everything from the desperation of a close battle to the elation of victory, with the options to tell your own smaller stories away from the major historical plot points. 

This is helped by the fact Men of War 2 will launch with new advanced AI tech, allowing you to command various different historically-accurate unit types to plot out your ideal strategic plans. 

The Front Line feature will allow the battle lines between territories to dynamically move and change depending on how the battle is going. Certain things can only be done on your own territory, or even within a specific proximity of the front line itself, which will all have to factor into your plans. 

The direct control feature is making a return for Men of War 2, allowing you to switch to first-person mode and assume direct control of your infantry, artillery, or even the tanks. This has been enhanced though, with a few different first-person views to cycle through in order to get the best view of the battlefield for your needs. It’ll be particularly impressive for the new destructible environments on offer in the game too. 

Men of War 2 also features over 300 vehicles and 45 battalions, all based on historically-accurate information to make this the most detailed game in the series to date. In fact, the developer is so proud of the realism of this title, it almost wishes there was a separate mode just for showing off all the models for you to inspect.

There’s also going to be a PvP skirmish multiplayer mode that’s the largest in the franchise’s history, with fully customizable lobbies available alongside auto-matchmaking.

Men of War 2 is launching on PC in 2022.

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