Microsoft xCloud is now powered by custom Xbox Series X hardware

Xbox’s Cloud Gaming service xCloud is now fully powered by custom Xbox Series X hardware which has led to faster load times and a boost in performance. 

In a statement shared to The Verge (opens in new tab), Microsoft said that “it recently completed the upgrade, which improves both frame rates and game load times for players streaming Xbox games over the web.” 

The online streaming service allows players to stream over 100 Xbox games on a number of devices such as a laptop, phone, or tablet rather than installing them on the device. All players need is an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, a compatible device and controller, and high-speed internet. 

Senior editor at The Verge Tom Warren previously reported on some games in the xCloud library receiving this upgrade after they noticed that games such as Yakuza: Like A Dragon, DIRT 5, and Rainbow Six Siege had improved performance-wise and now featured options that are only available on the Xbox Series X hardware. It appears Microsoft has now rolled this out across the entire xCloud library. 

If you’d prefer to play your Xbox games on a handheld console rather than a tablet, here’s some great news. xCloud will reportedly work on Valve’s upcoming handheld console, the Steam Deck

This news comes courtesy of Xbox boss Phil Spencer himself who earlier this year tweeted that “xCloud works well” on the powerful PC-based handheld. You can check out our hands-on preview of the Steam Deck to see what Xbox fans will be working with if they do fancy running xCloud on the handheld. 

Fancy trying out Xbox’s cloud gaming for yourself? Take a look at our list of the best xCloud games to get started. 

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