Miles Morales is Wolverine in Marvels newest What If…? special

Miles Morales took over the Spider-Man legacy when Ultimate Spider-Man died… but what if he took over the legacy of another hero, like Wolverine? The current series What If… Miles Morales is asking that question, showing one Marvel alternate universe in each issue; and now in April’s What If… Miles Morales #2, we’ll be meeting the Miles who becomes Wolverine.

What If... Miles Morales #2 variant cover

What If… Miles Morales #2 variant cover (Image credit: Paco Medina (Marvel Comics))

According to Marvel’s description of What If… Miles Morales #2, this rendition of Miles-as-Wolverine won’t be the Ultimate Spider-Man re-envisioned as born in the 1800s like Wolverine was – instead, Miles’ childhood remains the same but he’ll be ripped from it and transformed in this unexplored alternate universe’s version of Wolverine. We can imagine some homages to the ‘Weapon X (opens in new tab) storyline in What If… Miles Morales #2 quite easily.

Another interesting facet to this one-off story is that it’s written by 12 Years a Slave’s John Ridley, who’s also writing Marvel’s Black Panther series and DC’s I Am Batman. Joining him will be artist Farid Karami, who made their Marvel debut last summer with Heroes Reborn: Night Gwen (opens in new tab).

What If... Miles Morales #2 main cover

What If… Miles Morales #2 main cover (Image credit: Sara Pichelli (Marvel Comics))

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Miles Morales co-creator Sara Pichelli has drawn the main cover for What If… Miles Morales #2, and is scheduled to be joined with variant covers by Paco Medina, Carlos Pacheco, and Declan Shalvey.

The five-issue What If… Miles Morales series debuts March 2 with an issue showing Miles Morales as Captain America, and after this Wolverine issue on April 6, we can look forward to three more alternate realities where Miles Morales becomes a different Marvel hero. The possibilities are striking.

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