Minecraft player spends 2,500 hours walking to the end of the game, dies immediately

A Minecraft player has achieved a feat no one else has, simply by walking to the end of the game’s procedurally generated map.

As spotted by Jake Lucky (opens in new tab) on Twitter, Twitch streamer Mystical Midget started the grand trek to the end of Minecraft on January 31, 2021. Since then, they have managed to walk 32,000,000 blocks over 2,500 hours of playtime. Like many players who have picked up the challenge, the streamer is playing on an old Minecraft Beta build. Specifically, they were using Minecraft Beta 1.7.3, which is now 11 years old.

You can see when the streamer accomplished the feat below, cheered on by their pals. So it goes when players try to stretch what Minecraft is mechanically capable of, the game’s engine begins to struggle to load in all the surrounding textures, though you don’t see much of that as the streamer’s character is looking at their feet. 

Eventually, the game gives up, and the streamer tumbles through the map, drowning in general nothingness as their avatar lets out Minecraft’s signature ‘oof!’ numerous times before perishing while everyone watching the streamer cheers.

Twitch streamer Mystical Midget has done something nobody has ever done beforeHe walked 32 million blocks in Minecraft til the very end of the game, it took him 2,500 hours to complete… here’s what happened pic.twitter.com/KIfIIelgN9August 23, 2022

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Testing what Minecraft’s procedurally generated map is capable of is a popular pastime for some of the game’s most dedicated fans. The pilgrimage to Minecraft’s ‘Far Lands’ isn’t about reaching a destination but a state where a glitch starts to warp the terrain around you. 

That glitch is only present in some of the older versions of Minecraft, and you’re typically looking at travelling over 12 million blocks (opens in new tab) before you even see it – if you make it that far. 

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