How to get Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite Ore for crafting

Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite Ore is an important resource for crafting weapons and armor, and a step up from Monster Hunter Rise Machalite Ore, which you need first. Dragonite Ore is slightly harder to find than Machalite, as you’d expect from the ‘next’ resource up the chain, however, with our help Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite Ore will be easy for you to find so here’s what you need to know.

How to get Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite Ore

Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite Ore

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Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite Ore is much harder to find compared to the other ore vein resources and unfortunately, you can’t get it from the Sandy Plains like you can for Malachite Ore. You’ll need to wait a little longer to get your hands on Dragonite Ore, which makes sense since it’s used for slightly higher quality gear

To find Dragonite Ore, firstly you’ll need to cross your fingers, then head to the Lava Caverns biome. Throughout this entire area are plenty of ore veins to mine and every single one of them has a chance to return Dragonite Ore. Spend some time exploring and after a few trips, you should have enough Dragonite Ore to use Dragon Breath and take down the Elite Fo- wait, wrong game.

Unlike Machalite Ore, which can be found in a few different biomes, Dragonite Ore is exclusive to the Lava Caverns and isn’t quite as common. Once you reach High Rank however, Dragonite Ore drops much more frequently, so don’t fret if you want to wait until you can get it more consistently.

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