Netflix unveils its 15 most-streamed shows of all time

Stranger Things season 4 has shaken up Netflix’s list of most-streamed shows. Following the release of Volume 2, viewers have headed into the Upside Down for more than 1.26 billion hours so far. This means the sci-fi series has become the second ever show on the streamer to top one billion hours viewed.

However, despite the love for Hawkins, the series has yet to beat Squid Game for the top spot. The Korean drama still leads the way in streaming figures by a healthy margin, after becoming a worldwide smash in 2021. 

Of course, the battle for the top spot isn’t over yet. Stranger Things season 4, Volume 2’s figures could also keep growing as its 28-day period is not up until July 28. But given it’s lagging 390 million hours behind, it would take a big push to topple the survival drama. Plenty of other familiar names have made the top list, including Bridgerton, Money Heist, and Lucifer. 

Read on for the list of Netflix’s 15 most-watched shows below. The streamer bases these (opens in new tab) on how many hours they’ve been watched in their first 28 days of release on the platform. 

Most watched Netflix shows

Squid Game

(Image credit: Netflix)

1. Squid Game season 1: 1.65 billion hours

2. Stranger Things season 4: 1.26 billion hours

3. Money Heist part 5: 792.2 million hours

4. Bridgerton season 2: 656.2 million hours

5. Bridgerton season 1: 625.5 million hours

Bridgerton season 2

(Image credit: Netflix)

6. Money Heist part 4: 619 million hours

7. Stranger Things season 3: 582.1 million hours

8. Lucifer season 5: 569.5 million hours

9. All of Us Are Dead season 1: 560.8 million hours

10. The Witcher season 1: 541 million hours

The Witcher season 2 still

(Image credit: Netflix)

11. Inventing Anna: 511.9 million hours

12. 13 Reasons Why season 2: 496.1 million hours

13. Ozark season 4: 491.1 million hours

14. The Witcher season 2: 484.3 million hours

15. 13 Reasons Why season 1: 475.6 million hours

Other shows that sit just outside the top 15 include Sex Education, Colombian telenovela Café Con Aroma de Mujer, and French series Lupin. For what to watch next on the streaming platform, check out our guides to the best Netflix shows and the best Netflix movies.

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