New Blues Clues movie has confused viewers thinking of Spider-Man: No Way Home

A Blue’s Clues movie is in the works, and it’s drawing a strange comparison – everyone is saying the same thing about Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The film is titled Blue’s Big City adventure and will release on Paramount Plus, though further details are scarce at the moment. From the first look picture, though, it seems all three Blue’s Clues hosts will be uniting – No Way Home-style.

A new Blue’s Clues movie, Blue’s Big City Adventure, is coming this year, and a full-length Baby Shark movie is coming in 2023. 15, 2022

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Steve Burns was the original Blue’s Clues host, and, after he left the show, was replaced by Donovan Patton, who played his brother Joe. Then, Joshua Dela Cruz took over as both former hosts’ cousin, Josh. Steve and Joe are recurring characters in the latest series, titled Blue’s Clues and You! (hosted by Josh). That show revealed that Steve and Joe now have jobs that suit their outfits: Steve works at Blue Prints Detective Agency, while Joe is working at the Present Store. 

Since the picture from the film was released, everyone has been making the exact same comparison…

“No Way Home walked so the Blues Clues movie could run,” said one Twitter user (opens in new tab), while another commented (opens in new tab): “The Blues Clues movie bringing all the cast together like #NoWayHome for pre-schoolers” 

“I can’t believe I just found out about the Blues Clues: No Way Home multiverse,” remarked someone else (opens in new tab)

“It’s Blues Clues: No Way Home. The Nickelodeon multiverse has been opened,” said another (opens in new tab)

“Honestly might watch this. No Way Home for Blues Clues is not a hard sell for me,” was another response (opens in new tab)

“Sorry for who I’ll become when Blues Clues: No Way Home comes out,” said one fan (opens in new tab)

“The Blues Clues movie is gonna try and beat No Way Home. It very well might,” predicted another tweet (opens in new tab)

But, one person (opens in new tab) pointed out that the crossover isn’t that unprecedented: “Clearly people don’t know their Blues Clues lore because you’re [saying] this movie is their version of No Way Home doesn’t work when they all live within the same universe and are literally related.”

It’s not quite a multiversal adventure, then, but it’s still a pretty cool crossover. 

Blue’s Big City adventure lands in 2023. In the meantime, check out our guide to the best Netflix movies streaming now to fill out your watchlist.

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