Resident Evil Village DLC will be free says Capcom

Resident Evil Village will receive “free additional DLC,” Capcom has revealed.

Earlier today on October 29, Capcom published their annual report for 2021 (opens in new tab), rounding out the year with a look back on and to the future of the company. A “Creative Report” section, spearheaded by executive corporate officer Yoichi Egawa, revealed that Resident Evil Village will be supported in the future with “free additional DLC.”

Right now though, it’s a little difficult to gauge what Capcom actually means by this comment. We already know that story-based DLC is in the works for Resident Evil Village, and while this could indicate that the forthcoming story DLC expansion for the horror game will be free, it could also mean that Village will see more item-based DLC packs.

This would be continuing a trend from previous Resident Evil games over the last few years, of course. Resident Evil Village has already received a slew of free DLC packs, such as charms for weapons, while the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 also saw similar item-based DLC packs being made available for free shortly after launch.

Nonetheless, Capcom definitely doesn’t seem done with development on Resident Evil Village. Perhaps this Resident Evil Village DLC could even feature the return of series anti-hero Ada Wong, who was originally set to appear in the horror sequel, but was cut partway through development. That’d certainly be one way to draw players back to uncover more of Village.

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