Nintendo launches a new U.S. digital storefront

Nintendo’s launched the My Nintendo Store, a complete revamp of its US-facing digital storefront.

The brand new site launched yesterday, and you can find it at the previous Nintendo Store site (opens in new tab) address. The new venture is basically bringing all Nintendo-made products under one roof for its US audience, so there’s now one place you can purchase games, merchandise, and more, all from the same place.

Additionally, you can also purchase digital copies of Nintendo Switch games straight from the new store, and download them onto your console. Doing this actually earns you My Nintendo Gold Points equivalent to 5% of the total purchase cost, so it could well be worth keeping an eye on the store for future digital purchases.

This all follows after a pretty banner Nintendo Direct aired last week. Nintendo rolled out brand new game reveals alongside new trailers, revealing the likes of Fire Emblem Warriors – Three Hopes alongside new gameplay details for Kirby and the Forgotten Land (namely that the adorable pink blob can consume an entire car and start driving around).

In all, it’s shaping up to be a massive year for Nintendo games, by anyone’s standards. We’ve got the likes of the Breath of the Wild sequel still on track to launch later this year, as well as brand new courses for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and third-party exclusives like Triangle Strategy. The launch of a brand new Nintendo storefront now is probably pretty good timing, then.

Check out our upcoming Switch games guide for a complete list of everything else coming to Nintendo’s console this year.

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