Nintendo issues Switch heat warning in the wake of heatwaves

Nintendo has issued a heat wave warning for Nintendo Switch users around the world.

Just yesterday on July 11, Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account put out the statement below (thanks, Nintendo Life (opens in new tab)). The tweet warns customers about using the Nintendo Switch in an area with “high temperatures,” specifically pointing out that temperatures exceeding 35°C/86°F count as “high temperature” areas.

気温が高い場所でNintendo Switchを使用すると、本体の温度が高くなる場合があります。5~35℃の場所で使用してください。また、吸気口や排気口がふさがれていると、本体の温度が高くなる場合があります。吸気口や排気口まわりの風通しを良くしてください。 11, 2022

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The tweet above also mentions that the temperature of the Nintendo Switch itself can increase should the air intake and exhaust vents on the back and top of the console become blocked. Nintendo cautions everyone with a Switch to be mindful about making sure these areas are unblocked and clear during high temperatures.

Should the temperature of the Nintendo Switch become too high, the console might even go into ‘Sleep Mode,’ Nintendo writes in a follow-up tweet (opens in new tab). Nintendo’s tweet points out that this is actually the console protecting itself against such high heat, and acts as a safety measure for the console.

If you’re wondering why Nintendo is issuing this warning now, you need only look at the weather forecast for Tokyo. The capital has experienced high temperatures of above 30 degrees Celsius over the past week, and according to the BBC (opens in new tab), it could well experience such temperatures again come next week. 

For what it’s worth, the U.K. is also experiencing a heat wave at the moment, with temperatures regularly exceeding 30 degrees Celsius, and could even rise to as high as 34 degrees Celsius come early next week (per the BBC (opens in new tab)). Although Nintendo’s warning was probably directed at its native Japanese audience, users around the world should definitely take heed of the advice here.

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