No Mans Sky patch notes: Frontiers update 3.67 fixes inappropriate NPC thoughts

The latest No Man’s Sky patch notes include fixes for a number of new issues that snuck in with the No Man’s Sky Frontiers update, which is good news for your career as a settlement overseer.

The No Man’s Sky patch notes for Frontiers patch 3.67 are all bug fixes, with most of the changes related to building and managing settlements. One of the most important changes means your settlement’s denizens will “now have appropriate thoughts while under attack by Sentinels or fleeing a storm,” which implies they used to think about things they shouldn’t have during that kind of dangerous situation.

What was on your settlers’ minds before the update, when they were being chased by ancient murder robots or surrounded by deadly lighting? Perhaps Hello Games couldn’t tell us any more without risking No Man’s Sky’s Teen rating.

Other changes in the patch include giving players more information about when they’ll need to make their next decision about their settlement, which should make your life easier, and squashing a bug that would cause Sentinel attacks to be canceled before any enemies showed up, which should make your life harder.

On the other hand, nothing brings a community together like a raid by the robotic stewards of the land. Especially now that you don’t have to worry about anybody getting caught up with inappropriate thoughts when they should be fighting for their life.

You can find the full patch notes on the official site (opens in new tab) for No Man’s Sky.

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