No Mans Sky: Outlaws update overhauls space combat with pirates and AI squadrons

No Man’s Sky: Outlaws is a brand new space-combat orientated update for the everlasting game, and it’s out tomorrow.

Hello Games announced the brand new Outlaws update for No Man’s Sky earlier today, after a little pirate-themed teaser from studio head Sean Murray earlier this week. You can check out the debut trailer for the new action-packed update for the space-faring game just below, and all this new content with be with No Man’s Sky players tomorrow on April 14 on all platforms.

Simply put, Outlaws ramps up the action for No Man’s Sky players. There’s a general overhaul of spaceship combat with new weapons and abilities for players to contend with, and there’s even the introduction of an entire pirate underworld to contend with, which will offer players brand new smuggling missions and black market goods.

There’s also a brand new spaceship called the Solar Ship, No Man’s Sky’s first new ship since the start of 2020. This sleek new ship is apparently one of the fastest in the entire galaxy, and the number of ships players can own has increased from six to nine, meaning there’s more room in your fleet for the newcomer.

Finally, spaceship handling in combat has been improved, and weapons have also been given secondary effects, meaning there’s added depth to space combat. You can even recruit AI spaceship pilots to fly alongside you as your wingmen, with each one having their own unique abilities suited to various battle routines.

No Man’s Sky has received a bevy of updates over the years since it first launched in 2016, but this might be its most significant combat overhaul yet. Outlaws sure sounds like a promising experience for those looking for more battles among the stars, and it’ll be here in no time at all.

This actually isn’t the first combat-specific update for Hello Games’ title this year, as the No Man’s Sky Sentinel update made combat more challenging earlier this year.

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