Overwatch 2 beta fixes Mercys Guardian Angel “super jump” and reworks Moira

A new Overwatch 2 beta update fixes Mercy’s broken Guardian Angel ability and makes some big changes to Moira.

In case you missed it, the new Overwatch 2 beta introduced a big change to Mercy’s Guardian Angel move that wasn’t very popular with the community. The Slingshot mechanic that allowed her to fly up to higher places was removed and seemingly replaced by a mechanic that sent her launching upwards seemingly randomly. However, Blizzard soon clarified that the aptly named “super jump” was just a bug and would soon be removed. Now, with today’s update, it’s donezo. 

“Mercy is no longer automatically launched upward when she reaches her destination,” reads a bit from the patch notes. The ability also now has a meter that charges up while Guardian Angel is active, and canceling the ability with with a jump now launches Mercy in the direction she is facing, rather than straight up in the air like before.

As for Moira, her Biotic Orb ability has been split into two abilities with two separate cooldowns: Biotic Orb and Necrotic Orb. Necrotic Orb has a new ability temporarily called “Enfeebling Orb” that fires a straight moving projectile that explodes in a 3-meter radius when it hits its target, dealing 40 impact damage and 10 explosion damage. The explosion also reduces affected enemies’ damage dealt by 75% for four seconds.  

Biotic Orb has also had its healing capability reduced from 300 to 250 and its cooldown increased from eight to 10 seconds. Finally, the Support hero has also had her overall power nerfed to compensate for Necrotic Orb’s “potential to shut down many Ultimates and heavily swing duels in her favor.”

All heroes’ armor won’t protect as much against the final hit that would deplete their armor pool. So, for example, if you had one armor remaining and took a hit packing 100 damage, the armor would make it so that you only take 70 damage. But now, with today’s update, you’d take 99 damage in the same scenario.

Check out the complete list of changes with the complete patch notes (opens in new tab) from Blizzard.

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