Persona 25th anniversary live stream teases more updates in December

Persona 25th-anniversary celebrations have kicked off with a presentation by series mascot Morgana who has promised more announcements in December. 

In a six-minute video titled “Persona 25th Times Vol.1 [September 2021 issue]” Morgana introduced the start of the ‘Persona 25th Anniversary Year’ – a year-long celebration spanning from September 2021 to Autumn 2022. 

Watch the stream in full below. It is all in Japanese however you can apply subtitles in YouTube.

The aim of the year-long festivities is to celebrate the iconic JRPG’s 25-year long history. The campaign’s official website (opens in new tab) details what fans can expect and it includes event-specific merchandise, events, collaborations, and game information. The website also says that the event will also have “many exciting announcements for Western fans and worldwide throughout the anniversary year.”

In volume one of the Persona 25th Times, Morgana made a series of announcements that although exciting were primarily focused on Japanese fans. For starters, we found out that all of the Persona anime series will be available on Japanese streaming sites as well as the Persona Musical show. If you also happen to be in the Tokyo area in November 2021, you will be able to attend the Persona 25th Anniversary orchestral show starting on November 21. 

At the end of the video, Persona fans were given even more to look forward to as they were told that the next episode of the Persona 25th Times was due to happen in December 2021. Here’s hoping that this next broadcast will feature even more announcements and that they’ll cater to fans outside of Japan. 

Feel like delving into the Persona series now? Take a look at our list of the best Persona games to help you decide on where to start.  

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