Phantom Abyss Invasion Update changes how its deadly temples are made

Phantom Abyss just got a big update that significantly changes how its temples are structured, as well as adding new traps and enemies to overcome.

Developer Team WIBY has kept up the pace with regular content updates for Phantom Abyss since it entered Steam Early Access in June, and today’s Invasion Update makes some of the most significant changes yet. Players who have been seeking the treasure at the heart of each temple will quickly notice that all of its procedurally generated temples now only have a single path from start to finish, meaning you’ll start out alongside all the other players (and ghosts) in the same spot.

While you’re on the way, you’ll encounter new Homing Bomb enemies which will seek you out and detonate when they reach you, as well as Floating Mines and Dart Mines among the growing list of tricky environmental hazards. Relic rooms have also been rebuilt to include multiple treasures, though other players may still beat you to the goods inside.

Phantom Abyss sends players running, jumping, rolling, and whip-grappling through temples in an asynchronous race to be the first to claim their greatest prize. You may be the first to plumb a temple’s depths, but more often you’ll be surrounded by the ghosts of explorers who tried and perished before you – forever repeating their doomed expedition until one skillful soul claims the final Relic and locks that temple away for the rest of the game’s life.

Phantom Abyss is available for 25% off on Steam through Monday (opens in new tab) if you want to pick up the early access version now.

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