Pikmin Bloom will host its first community day next weekend

Pikmin Bloom is hosting its very first Community Day on Saturday, November 13.

Niantic’s other popular mobile game, Pokemon Go, has been hosting Community Days since 2018. The monthly time-limited events offer incentives for logging in and playing for a while. Pikmin Bloom’s first event runs all day, from 6am to 9pm local time on November 13, and is teasing rewards for players willing to put in the steps.

During the game’s first Community Day, Pikmin seedlings will grow at about 1.5x the usual rate when you walk while planting flowers. Meanwhile, fruits will be producing double the normal amount of nectar during the event, whether or not you’re walking while planting flowers. The event is also your chance to bloom Big Flowers into pansies.

Finally, if you manage to take 10,000 steps on the day of the event, Niantic will reward your athletic efforts with a special badge for your profile. And since you’ve done a good thing for your health, you can reward yourself with a cookie or something afterward. That’s not official Pikmin Bloom Community Day rules though, it’s just a suggestion.

In case you missed it, Pikmin Bloom is a new collaborative effort from Niantic and Nintendo. Similar to Pokemon Go, it utilizes AR (augmented reality) to simulate creatures wandering around in your real-life neighborhood. There’s a little more of a focus on exercise in Pikmin Bloom, as it tracks your steps and rewards you with items you can use to grow and feed your Pikmin. GamesRadar’s Rachel Weber, who never fell in love with Pokemon Go, found that it made her walks through Brooklyn a whole lot cuter.

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