PS5 patent sounds like the scrapped Xbox Snap feature

A new PlayStation patent could speed up switching between apps and games on the PS5.

As first reported by OPAttack (opens in new tab) earlier today, a new patent relating to the PS5‘s UI was just filed by Sony. According to the original report, it seems as though Sony may be researching a feature that allows users to access other apps without even leaving the game that they’re currently playing.

“The window can be pinned to the GUI and user control can automatically switch to another application,” reads a section of the patent application. “Upon user input requesting a menu, the menu is presented in a layer over at least a portion of the first layer of content based on an execution of a menu application,” says the patent, further outlining the possible feature.

Obviously, it goes without saying that this patent merely outlines a possible feature for a Sony-produced console in the future, and doesn’t guarantee anything concrete will come of it. Right now, the PS5 allows users to switch between games and apps with the “Switcher” feature pinned to the console’s task bar, but this proposed feature could introduce more layers to the existing structure.

As the original report from OPAttack points out, the Xbox One originally utilized a feature like this to stream TV and music through the special Snap system, but was ultimately discontinued due to RAM issues with the base console. Let’s hope – if this feature becomes a reality – that Sony’s console has enough RAM to handle the workload.

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