Pokemon Go Attack Forme Deoxys Raid guide, counters and best movesets

Pokemon Go Attack Forme Deoxys Raid counters are what you need to catch this more offensive variation of the pokemon. Deoxys has returned to Pokemon Go Raids this week and while Pokemon Go trainers have probably had run ins with the Legendary in its Normal Forme, trainers will want to try their hands at catching its Attack Forme.

As the name suggests, Attack Forme Deoxys has its stats distributed more towards attacking. Its Attack stat is higher than when its in its Normal Forme and as such trainers will want to take it down as fast as possible.

Starting Saturday, February 19 until Tuesday, February 22, Attack Forme Deoxys will be appearing in Raids for trainers to battle and catch. 

There are two other Formes that Deoxys has, but we’ll get to those later on. This guide is all about Attack Forme Deoxys and how to defeat it. 

How to get Shiny Attack Forme Deoxys in Pokemon Go 

Trainers will also have a chance to catch Attack Forme Deoxys in its Shiny variant. There is no truer way to get a Shiny Deoxys except by battling as many Deoxys as possible. To help with that, Niantic is giving out two free Raid Passes per day just by spinning Gym Photo Discs starting Wednesday.

Use those Raid Passes to battle up to two Normal Forme Deoxys in Raids for free. Of course, there are other ways to get more Raid Passes. 

Premium Raid Passes are available to purchase for 100 PokeCoins each in the in-game shop, which allows trainers to enter Raid battles. Remote Raid Passes are also available for 100 PokeCoins each, which allow trainers to enter a Raid from anywhere. There is a deal for three Remote Raid Passes for 250 PokeCoins.

This will be the first time ever that trainers will have a chance to catch Shiny Deoxys in its Attack Forme so get out there and good luck.

Attack Forme Deoxys Counters 

Pokemon Go Attack Forme Deoxys Raid counters

(Image credit: Niantic)

Like Normal Forme Deoxys, Attack Forme is a pure Psychic-type Pokemon, making it weak to Bug, Ghost and Dark-type attacks.

What makes Attack Forme different from Normal Forme, aside from the aforementioned stat distribution is the moves it can know. We’ll dive deeper into that in the section below, but for now trainers should know that Mega Gyarados and Mega Gengar’s roles will change a bit.

Mega Houndoom and Absol are still the best way to deal with Attack Forme Deoxys as they boost the power of Dark-type attacks to really put a hurt on the Legendary Pokemon.

Tyranitar, Darkrai, Weavile and Hyrdreigon are some of the strongest Dark types in the game, while Chandelure and Giratina should be paired with Mega Gengar to take advantage of Deoxys’ Ghost weakness. Bug types like Scizor are viable options, but we feel this list of Pokemon are the best counters for Normal Forme Deoxys.

Pokemon Go Attack Forme Deoxys Counters Pokemon Moveset Mega HoundoomSnarl and Foul PlayMega GengarShadow Claw and Shadow BallMega AbsolSnarl and Dark PulseMega GyaradosBite CrunchTyranitarBite and CrunchDarkraiSnarl and Dark PulseGiratinaShadow Claw and Shadow BallWeavileSnarl and Foul PlayChandelureHex and Shadow BallHydreigonBite and Dark Pulse

Attack Forme Deoxys Moveset 

Attack Forme Deoxys, being a Psychic-type, is bound to have at least one move of the same type. Zen Headbutt is its main Fast Attack and will hurt Mega Gengar and Mega Beedrill. 

Instead of Charge Beam, lille Normal Forme Deoxys, Attack Forme uses Poison Jab. This Poison-type Fast Attack will give Mega Gengar and Mega Beedrill more viability as they both resist that move. The lack of Charge Beam also gives Mega Gyarados less to worry about.

Normal Forme Deoxys uses Thunderbolt as a Charged option, but Attack Forme uses Zap Cannon instead. This Electric-type move is more powerful but takes longer to charge. So while Mega Gyarados won’t have to worry about an Electric Fast Attack the potential for a more powerful Electric-type Charged Attack is something trainers have to be aware of.

Dark Pulse is Attack Forme Deoxys’ other Charged option and this is really where Mega Gengar won’t work. That coupled with Psycho Boost gives a ~66% chance Attack Forme Deoxys will have a move that can take out Mega Gengar with ease. The Ghost-type is still great for its ability to boost Ghost-type moves, and it can definitely deal damage, there’s just a big chance that it will be taken out.

Having Dark Pulse also gives Mega Gyarados more viability as it resists it as does other Dark types like Tyranitar, Weavile and Hydreigon.

Here’s a list of moves Attack Forme Deoxys can know in Pokemon Go.

Fast AttackCharged AttackZen HeadbuttPsycho BoostPoison JabZap CannonDark Pulse

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