Pokemon Go Tour Poke Ball Prep Rally event, start time, Hisuian Electrode and more

The Pokemon Go Tour Poke Ball Prep Rally will get  Pokemon Go trainers ready for the massive Pokemon Go Tour: Johto, which is right around the corner. As the name suggests, this new event will involve Pokemon that are shaped like Poke Balls. That’s right, all the Voltorbs, Foongus and Koffing you can find. This event will also focus on the Pokemon that act like items to trick their prey, or trainers, like Stunfisk.

While all of those Pokemon are in the game already, this even will introduce a brand new Pokemon from the recently-released Legends Arceus game, Hisuian Electrode.

Trainers looking to get the most out of this new event will want to continue reading our handy guide to learn everything they need to know including when it starts and ends as well as how to obtain Hisuian Electrode. 

Go Tour Poke Ball Prep Rally Start Time 

The Pokemon Go Tour Poke Ball Prep Rally event begins Friday, February 18 at 10 a.m. local time and lasts until Friday, February 25 at 8 p.m. local time.

During the week-long event, trainers will see Voltorb (both Kanto and Hisuian forms), Koffing, Marrill, Wailmer, Solosis and Foongus more frequently in the wild. Jigglypuff, Electrode (Kanto version only), Amoonguss and Galarian Stunfisk will also appear in the wild but rarely.

How to get Hisuian Electrode in Pokemon Go 

The new form of Electrode from the Hisui region will make its Pokemon Go debut in this event. However, to get it won’t be as easy as catching it. Trainers will need 50 Voltorb candy to evolve their Hisuian Voltorb to get Hisuian Electrode.

If you missed out when Hisuian Voltorb first debuted in the game, don’t fear. This Poke Ball Prep Rally will have the Electric and Grass-type appear in the wild. While it’s unclear if Hisuian Voltorb will be available in the wild from now on, trainers will be able to evolve their Voltorb into Hisuian Electrode even after the event ends.

Luckily for trainers, the candy they earn from catching regular Voltorb from the Kanto region can be used on these regional variants. To earn as much candy as possible during the event, be sure to use a Pinap Berry when trying to catch Hisuian or Kantonian Voltorb. 

Go Tour Poke Ball Prep Rally Research Tasks 

Pokemon Go Tour Poke Ball Prep Rally

(Image credit: Niantic)

During the event, there will be Timed Research that rewards Poke Balls. Aside from giving access to Hisuian Electrode and letting trainers catch some other ball-shaped Pokemon, this event is here to prepare trainers for the Johto Tour by packing their bags with Poke Balls.

Stock up on Poke Balls so you’ll be able to catch as many Johto-region Pokemon as possible.

Here’s the Timed Research for the Poke Ball Prep Rally.

Step 1 Task Reward Spin a PokeStop or GymPoke Ball (x3)Complete a Field Research TaskGreat Ball (x2)Send 1 GiftUltra Ball (x5)
  • Completion Rewards – Stardust (x1000), 100xp
Step 2 Task Reward Spin 3 Pokestops or GymsPoke Ball (x6)Complete 3 Field Research TasksGreat Ball (x4)Send 3 GiftsUltra Ball (x5)
  • Completion Rewards – Stardust (x2000), 200xp
Step 3 Task Reward Spin 5 Pokestops or GymsPoke Ball (x9)Complete 5 Field Research TasksGreat Ball (x6)Send 5 GiftsUltra Ball (x5)
  • Completion Rewards – Stardust (x300), 300xp
Step 4 Task Reward Spin 10 Pokestops or GymsPoke Ball (x20)Complete 10 Field Research TasksSend 10 Gifts Ultra Ball (x5)
  • Completion Rewards – Stardust (x500), 500xp

There will also be event-exclusive Field Research that will reward Poke Balls, Great Balls and Ultra Balls.

Here are the specific Field Research tasks trainers will obtain when spinning Poke Stops.

Task Reward Catch 2 VoltorbPoke Balls (x3)Make 3 Great ThrowsGreat Ball (x5)Make 3 Nice Curveball throws in a rowPinap Berry (x3)Make 5 Nice ThrowsPoke Ball (x5)

In-Game Bonuses 

To go along with the Poke Ball theme, trainers’ Buddy Pokemon will bring back Poke Balls in Gifts. 

Trainers will also be able to pick up a new avatar outfit based on Ball Guy from the Pokemon Sword and Shield games. This new outfit will be available in the shop at the start of the event this week. 

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