Pokemon Legends Arceus glitch is stopping players from progressing

Pokemon Legends Arceus players are getting locked out of progressing the game thanks to a new update.

As first reported by NintendoLife (opens in new tab), a recent update for Pokemon Legends Arceus has completely locked players out of progressing thanks to a simple error. In mission 23, if the player catches Cresselia before speaking with Melli, the latter unfortunately won’t acknowledge the caught Pokemon, and you can’t go back and catch another Cresselia, so the quest can’t be progressed.

You can see the “softlock” glitch playing out in real time for one Pokemon Legends Arceus player just below. The glitch is admittedly incredibly easy to trigger, especially if you’re the sort of player who intentionally goes around being proactive as possible out in the world of Hisui. Right now though, this appears to be the only known softlock glitch in the new Pokemon game.

Here’s hoping a remedy for the problem will come about at some point sooner rather than later. Pokemon Legends Arceus has seen a handful of updates since it launched last month, so it’s not unfeasible that Game Freak would be working on a new patch to fix the issue. 

Speaking of updates, a new DLC expansion for Pokemon Legends Arceus could well be on the way for later this year. Earlier this month, a reputable leaker claimed that Game Freak is currently developing a DLC expansion to the base game, which is due to launch in April. Right now, neither Game Freak or Nintendo has ever commented on the rumor, but it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on.

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